33 Horrible Pieces Of Relationship Advice You Should Stop Following

33 Horrible Pieces Of Relationship Advice You Should Stop Following

Ask Reddit wants you to know the following pieces of relationship advice are complete and utter bullshit.

1. If he starts acting up, don’t say anything but start refusing sex.

2. Do everything your partner says.

3. Go nuts on your bachelor/bachelorette party. Get it all out of your system before you’re married and truly committed.

4. He’ll appreciate you a lot more if you let him sleep around.

5. If you catch your partner masturbating, dump them. If they’ll do that, they’ll cheat no problem.

6. If you’re not fighting, you’re not caring. Real couples need to fight to remember they love each other.

7. Don’t answer your phone for a few days.

8. All men cheat. All of them. There’s no point in leaving if the next one is going to cheat anyway.

9. Don’t ask for permission, ask for forgiveness.

10. If you really care about them, you’ll give up anything for them.

11. Have kids as young as you can, that way you’ll still be young when they’re grown.

12. The guy should always pay.

13. Love means never having to say you’re sorry.

14. Bros before hoes.

15. If he hits you it means he loves you because he’s risking going to jail for you. Stay with him! He’s the one!

16. A kid will solve every problem.

17. It’s important for women to remain “mysterious” and to try and remain aloof to keep a man’s attention, even with small things: like never burping around him.

18. Wait until marriage before you have sex.

19. If the boys are mean to you that means they like you.

20. No matter how miserable you make each other, stay together for the kids.

21. Don’t go to bed angry.

22. Lower your standards.

23. As long as you love each other everything is gone be fine!

24. If they really love you, they will fight for you.

25. If you say I love you too much it loses meaning.

26. Don’t ever share your problems/issues with them.

27. Don’t be goofy or punny when you first meet a guy, it will make him think you’re weird. You have to act aloof and like you don’t care.

28. Your husband wouldn’t cheat on you if you did more housework.

29. You’ll find a SO when you’re not looking.

30. If she’s lesbian it’s like a challenge to make her straight.

31. Play hard to get…

32. Even if you don’t want to, have sex when he wants it. When they aren’t satisfied is when they start cheating.

33. He isn’t proposing fast enough? Fake a pregnancy. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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