30 Ways To Melt Her Heart

30 Ways To Melt Her Heart

Here a few suggestions from Ask Reddit on how to melt a girl’s heart.

1. Cup her face while you make out.

2. Match your actions to your words. Saying you’ll always being there for her and actually following through. Saying you want to give her the world and actually trying. Saying you’re faithful and actually are.

3. Reach over to hold her hand while driving in the car.

4. Remember her period days and bring her chocolate.

5. Pack a small snack for her in your pocket like dried mangoes or a granola bar in case she gets hangry.

6. Throw love notes in her purse or lunch bag.

7. While you’re waiting for something together, keep your arm around her waist.

8. Brush hair out of her face.

9. Forehead kisses.

10. Give her a genuine compliment.

11. Remember things she told you.

12. Cuddle while half asleep.

13. Give her surprise hugs or a flower.

14. Provide emotional support.

15. Smell good.

16. Read her a story until she falls asleep.

17. Write her a song.

18. Run fingers through her hair.

19. Sing to her.

20. Play with kids or animals.

21. Hold her hips.

22. Listen when she needs to vent.

23. Whisper everything is going to be okay.

24. Call her your girl.

25. Do the dishes.

26. Passionately talk about the things you really like.

27. Hug her while she’s sleeping.

28. Make her laugh while showing no emotion.

29. Hold her hand.

30. Change the bed sheets without her asking. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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