30 Signs You're A Mature, Responsible Adult (Even If You Still Feel Like A Little Kid)

30 Signs You’re A Mature, Responsible Adult (Even If You Still Feel Like A Little Kid)

If you do these things mentioned on Ask Reddit, it’s proof you’re more mature than you think.

1. Not necessarily being ok with it, but understanding why people do things. Showing empathy towards their actions even if it they did something you don’t like.

2. The ability to delay instant gratification for longer term happiness.

3. Being able to admit you were wrong.

4. Being willing to change your mind about an issue when presented with evidence you were previously unaware of.

5. Speaking because you’ve got something to say, not saying something just to speak.

6. Calmly saying, “I am angry/upset because…” instead of shouting or crying.

7. Understanding that, while you are relatively small in the scheme of things, the way you live every day can have long lasting implications.

8. Taking responsibility and trying to learn from your mistakes instead of trying to put the blame on others.

9. Independence. Being mature is being able to support yourself and take care of your own needs.

10. Taking genuine pleasure in the success and well-being of others.

11. Handling adversity. Anyone can be pleasant and generous when times are good. Being thoughtful, patient, caring and warm when times are bad is true maturity.

12. Being able to understand how much you can handle. I’m still figuring this one out myself, but the ability to assess your situation and tell yourself and others no when you are overwhelmed.

13. You grow up/mature with the start of every single day.

A small thing, that you might have done wrong/unwanted yesterday, like you bought yourself too much dinner that you had to throw most of it out; can be corrected today, if you’re mature enough to get the thoughts of avoiding wastage. Thus, you wouldn’t buy too much food next time. So, what I’m trying to say is that when you start correcting your own unwanted mistakes, you are maturing.

14. Being able to listen to people when they talk about their problems and validate them without unnecessarily adding your own experiences or interpretations.

15. Taking responsibility for your own life, health and happiness, not relying on others or placing blame for your circumstances!

16. Impulse control, especially with finances.

17. Stepping up to do things because they need doing.

18. Whether in an argument or discussion, you don’t try to belittle someone else’s point and you know when to admit you are wrong.

19. Not caring anymore about the “this is better than that” bullshit. Not caring anymore about “popular” things, because other things are also good.

20. Being able to force yourself to do things you don’t want to do.

21. The ability to step into someones (everyones) shoes. There is always going to be someone who thinks differently than you and they will tell you why how you believe or what you do is wrong. The ability to see where they’re coming from or at least gleam a fraction of self awareness on your own failings is major. You may not like [insert group of people here] but understanding the why is more mature and will help you learn where you can improve.

22. Not giving a shit about what people say.

23. Knowing the difference between need and want, and letting go of your wants.

24. Being able to take a joke without getting butthurt and even joining in on roasting yourself.

25. Making it a priority to understand the perspective of everyone you encounter.

26. Knowing you don’t know everything.

27. The ability to let go of the illusion of control.

28. Living within your means, whether those means are humble or abundant.

29. The capability of not frustrating at every failure you make.

30. Accepting responsibility for your actions. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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