Why Each Zodiac Sign Has Lost Their Sense Of Adventure 

Why Each Zodiac Sign Has Lost Their Sense Of Adventure 


You’re broke and can’t afford to travel to all the places you wish you could visit.


You feel like you have no one to go on adventures alongside and you don’t want to do it on your own.


You’re worried about changing your schedule, about leaving your comfort zone, about taking risks.


You’ve been stuck in a rut lately and have barely left your bedroom, let alone your town.

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You haven’t had the time to focus on anything other than your work and relationships lately.


You’re getting older and feel like you can’t be as adventurous as you once were when you have so many responsibilities to juggle.


You’re happy exactly where you are and don’t feel any wanderlust at the moment.


Work hasn’t given you any vacation time. You aren’t able to take off long enough to travel.


You’ve turned into quite a skeptic lately and doubt some sort of adventure would bring you any happiness.


You never had a sense of adventure to begin with. You prefer to play it safe.


You’ve been feeling drained lately and don’t have the energy to embark on adventures.


You’ve gotten so caught up in your routine you’ve forgotten you have the power to change it at any time. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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