The Worst First Date To Take Each Zodiac Sign On

The Worst First Date To Take Each Zodiac Sign On


Don’t take them to a coffee shop. It’s too bland, boring, and predictable for them.


Don’t take them straight to your house. They expect more romance than that.


Don’t take them to an amusement park. They would rather do something short and sweet in case they aren’t feeling sparks and want to leave.


Don’t take them to a crowded, noisy bar. They would rather have one-on-one time with you someplace quiet.


Don’t take them out to breakfast. They won’t want to wake up that early.


Don’t take them to the movies. They want a chance to have an actual conversation with you.


Don’t take them to a concert. They don’t want to be hot, sweaty, and unable to hear you on the first date.


Don’t take them to a fancy, five-star restaurant. They’re too laidback for that.


Don’t take them hiking. They would rather sit down for food than have their date double as exercise.


Don’t take them bowling with a group of people. They want to be alone with you.


Don’t take them to a beach. They aren’t going to be comfortable showing off too much of their body too early on.


Don’t take them to a bookstore or museum. They’re going to be too distracted by the scenery to pay attention to you. TC mark

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