How Each Zodiac Would Survive A Ghost Encounter 

How Each Zodiac Would Survive A Ghost Encounter 


You would grab the first thing you could find to defend yourself, assuming the ghost is going to kill you.


You would run as far away as possible and hide until someone came and found you.


You would take photographs and try to get Twitter famous with your story.


You would assume you were seeing things and keep the news to yourself.


You would run out to buy sage.


You would try to psychoanalyze the ghost to figure out why it hasn’t crossed over to the other side yet.


You would text your best friend, mother, brother, boyfriend, whoever is going to come to rescue you the fastest.


You wouldn’t play around. You would call the cops and get the hell out of there.


You would join the ghost on a revenge kick.


You would observe the ghost in the hopes of learning more about its nature.


You would promise the ghost you weren’t going to hurt it as long as it promised not to hurt you.


You would try to communicate with the ghost and become best friends. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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