55 YouTubers You Should Watch (Because Cable TV Is Too Expensive) 

55 YouTubers You Should Watch (Because Cable TV Is Too Expensive) 

These YouTubers mentioned on Ask Reddit are hilarious, informative, and entertaining.

1. Cinemawins. Like Cinemasins, but more in-depth and is all about celebrating the good in movies.

2. I love watching a channel called Legal Eagle. I’m not a lawyer myself but I find it interesting to watch his analysis of different movies and TV shows for legal realism. He even did the trial scene of Tyrion in King’s Landing.

3. Captain Disillusion. Not only his debunks of viral videos, dissecting their visual effects in an entertaining and fascinating way, but also just watching him talk with passion about visual effects and filmmaking (e.g. his two VFXCool videos on the Back To The Future Trilogy) is just amazing. Listening to anyone talk about a subject they genuinely care about is something I love, but out of all the people on YouTube, I think Captain Disillusion is one of the best. Also, his own visual effects are top-notch, so he’s clearly got some experience himself in this type of field.

4. Historia Civillis. History isn’t boring, we are taught it in a generally boring way. He’s excellent at focusing on the things that people are interested in, with a much greater account on interpersonal relationships and witness accounts. It’s nice. He low-key has good comedic timing too.

5. Townsends – they’re somewhat well known and show old recipes and discuss life in America between 1650s to about 1850s. Sometimes called the Bob Ross of cooking, his enthusiastic, unvarnished joy in sharing his knowledge is quiet infectious. Good channel to binge if you’re feeling down.

6. JunsKitchen He’s a chill dude who uploads videos of himself cooking at home with his cats. They’re really relaxing and fun to watch, and the food looks very tasty. I get super excited every time he uploads another video!

7. Chrisfix, I know literally nothing about cars but it’s just cool to watch stuff like that and have it explained so simply.

8. Ethoslab, has consistently good content, good (corny) jokes, smart, and best of all, still plays Minecraft like a God.

9. Ants Canada – This guy creates these beautiful biomes for his ant colonies and narrates their lives like it’s a documentary.

10. I still like Jenna Marbles. Her videos are literal nonsense. Helps me forget about the world and my problems for a good 20 mins.

11. Mr Beast. The dude seems to have pretty much infinite money and just spend his day giving it away to whoever he walks into. He has a bunch of videos where he just randomly tips waiters like 500 times the bill, gives random homeless people literally 5 grand or one of my favorites was when he bought literally everything in a grocery store and donated all of it to a food bank. He also told everyone who came into the grocery store that day that they could buy whatever they want and he’d pay for it.

Super wholesome guy who I have no idea how he got so much money but he’s definitely being extremely generous with it and seeing the looks of random people when he’s just casually handing them a stack of hundreds is just heartwarming.

12. Special Books by Special Kids. He interviews people with different types of special needs and it’s a great insight into their lives, how they want to be treated, and he gives them a chance to tell their story. Have tissues handy because every video with get you straight in the feels.

13. Many A True Nerd – now I’m a bit late, so this will probably get buried. But the guy (Jon) has some of the most amazing long-play series. Tons of long series on Total War and similar games where he gets really invested into the stories of the individual characters.

Many long Fallout series with varying rules set for himself and again high levels of immersion from him.

A 114-part Skyrim series wherein again he really lent into the character stories he made up on his own for both him and his companions, and he played a character type I haven’t really seen executed before, so that was very refreshing to see!

And of course some brilliant one-offs, livestreams etc as the icing on the cake. Overall he’s gone from someone I watched for a Hitman walkthrough or two to one of my absolute favourite content creators full stop.

14. Binging with Babish. It’s a cooking channel where one guy makes dishes from T.V shows and pop culture, making it as close as possible to what we saw in the show. Then he uses his skills to create an recreation that improves upon it. He has a side show called “Basics with Babish” where he runs you through everything you need to know about cooking. He does all this with informative commentary that’s fun and enjoyable to watch even if you don’t like cooking.

15. Can’t recommend Funhaus enough, vids just the right length for golden comedy and some really insightful comments in their podcasts.

16. LEMINO. His newer videos are great. The one about the missing Malaysia flight was awesome. Well researched and brilliant visuals.

17. Summoning Salt – I have zero interest in videogame speedrunning and I’ve watched every video he has made on it at least twice. It’s great content.

18. Cynical Reviews – mostly reviews movies, sometimes other things. I like his delivery and his content. His Holmes and Watson review actually made watching even bits of that movie bearable.

19. Lofty Pursuits. It’s a YouTube channel that makes hard candy from scratch. All their videos are very interesting and I really enjoy watching the process.

20. Alec Steele. He’s a young blacksmith that makes cool, and amazing things, while at the same time being very educational and trying to inspire people to get out and make something

21. Ashens (British guy who reviews old tech items, crap or cheap toys and decades out of date foodstuffs).

22. TierZoo – Ranks animals in a video game like fashion.

23. Food Wishes – A chef that has some awesomely bad dad humor.

24. Adam Savage’s Tested – The crazy myth buster in his own shop doing one-day builds. He actually just released a book (and audiobook) that you should look into.

25. Threadbanger – Pinterest project attempts gone horribly wrong.

26. Will Smith – Will Smith being Will Smith.

27. Jablinski Games – It’s Jack Black being his awesome self.

28. There are a couple of doctors who make Youtube videos that I started watching recently. Dr. Mike is a family doctor and he has interesting videos talking about medical news. He’s pretty good at explaining stuff going on with the human body and what you should be talking to your doctor about. Mama Doctor Jones is an OBGYN and she talks about the female reproductive system. It’s also a family vlog. They both have videos where they watch a popular medical show (like Scrubs) and then they tell you what is going on medically with the characters. They’re both very entertaining to watch and it’s educational.

29. Phillip DeFranco.

Only YouTuber I’ve ever actually watched regularly.

And have done for 10 years or some shit. Fuck knows how long he’s been around but I’ve been watching him since his infancy.

30. Codyslab is hands down my favorite youtuber. He does beekeeping and all sorts of science adventures, and a lot of people know him because of all of his videos playing with liquid Mercury (some of which he mined himself). He was on the short list of candidates to be considered for a manned mission to Mars too. He’s absolutely brilliant. If I had to recommend a place to start, find his “flushing 240 pouds of Mercury” video.

31.Mikey Chen drops regular high quality food / travel content. Dude samples street food all around the world. Has a namesake channel and one called Strictly Dumpling.

32. Technology Connections. Ever wonder how old TVs worked when they had those small green blue and red square things? He explains it. Ever wonder why we’ve advanced so far today and yet our toasters suck? He recently covered a fully automatic toaster from the 1960s where you put bread in and it automatically toasts, no lever needed! Seriously, he’s awesome and his videos are very, very good, no talking about what he’s going to do for 5 minutes before he does it, just straight history about a piece of technology and then shows how it works.

33. The Tim Tracker. It’s a husband and wife duo who live in Orlando and vlog about the cities attractions. They are super sweet and funny.

34. Shesez and his show Boundary Break. As a kid in the past, I wanted to grow up and become a “video game designer” and his show ways interests me how developers design levels. It always amazes me how developers “trick” the player with sky boxes and textures and everything. Really makes me appreciate the work that goes into high quality video games.

35. Life of Boris. It’s the ultimate Slav YouTube channel with Slavic cooking guides, Slavic game reviews, and Slavic country reviews.

36. SteveMRE. The guy seems genuinely enthusiastic about almost everything he eats even if it’s decades old and shouldn’t be consumed. He always tries to find something positive to say about the MREs as well. Every time I watch him eat the older MREs I worry that he’ll give himself food poisoning, especially when he comments that the food item may have gone bad and he goes in for another bite.

37. Good Mythical Morning. Rhett and Link are amazing. They are genuine and their content is consistent and entertaining.

38. The TRY channel – Irish people give food and drink reviews.

39. Brooklyn Duo – A cellist and a pianist that cover all your favorite songs. They’re married and just had a kid together, but they’re still making videos.

40. Modern Rogue – Everything you need to know about the basics of being a gentleman, and surviving entirely implausible scenarios.

41. Lockpicking Lawyer is dope. The guy cracks locks like nobody’s business and knows the mechanics of locks so well. It’s really mesmerizing. His videos are also zero fluff or filler. He does exactly what the video description is without delay.

42. Red Letter Media. It’s the ONLY YouTube channel that Hollywood fears and respects. RLM is the ULTIMATE YouTube movie review channel.

43. Nakeyjakey. His videos are mainly commentary about specific aspects of video games such as title screens or music in video games, but he also covers other topics that I find very interesting. Like the history of pirated music or Disney channel original movies.

I enjoy the videos primarily because of him. He’s so funny and inserts good jokes throughout the commentary that it makes it easy to watch any video by him on any topic.

44. MumboJumbo. A very good Minecraft YouTuber with a fantastic community.

45. RTGame. His comedy is absolutely hilarious, and so is his gameplay.

46. Cosmonaut Variety Hour, because he makes fun movie reviews laced with hilarity.

47. Skeppy, because his pranks and reactions are awesome.

48. Mark Rober has a pretty neat channel. He worked at NASA for 10 years and all his videos are pretty cool.

49. William Osman, really cool engineer guy that used his knowledge and technical skills to build stupid stuff.

50. Brutalmoose! If there’s one word to describe this guy’s channel, it’s ‘eclectic’. He’s talks about videogames, obscure movies, and bizarre 1950s PSAs; he makes food from strange recipes he comes across in vintage cookbooks; he compares freezer meals which sounds incredibly boring but you just…you have to watch it to understand. He does it all with an incredibly laid-back style and a quirky sense of humor. I highly recommend the Brutal Foods series and the Televoid series but all of his videos are great.

51. Primitive Technology. Guy goes out onto some land with a pair of shorts and a GoPro and builds a house or a furnace out of mud and sticks and stuff.

52. Fact Fiend – Basically just a dude in front of a camera talking about some completely true hilarious or badass shit. His video titles are very clickbait-ey and he even admits as such, but they are completely true

53. Jacksepticeye. His energy is contagious although he can be really loud sometimes.

54. Clickspring. Soft-voiced Australian dude who does metal machining stuff like clock making. Also, his videos have mind-bogglingly high production quality.

55. Cody Ko. Specially his That’s Cringe series with Noel Miller. There’s so many times throughout their videos where I am belly laughing. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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