25 Signs Your House Is Haunted

25 Signs Your House Is Haunted

1. There are unexplained cold spots in your house.

2. Your lights flicker on their own.

3. Your television turns on and off without being touched.

4. Your phone rings with no one on the other line.

5. You smell sulfur.

6. You smell something a bit more familiar but aren’t sure where it’s coming from like perfume, cologne, or smoke from a cigar.

7. You hear thumping on the floor above you, or on the staircase, when no one else is around.

8. You hear whispers or muffled voices when no one else is around.

9. You see doors, windows, and cabinets open on their own.

10. You see photographs get knocked sideways on their hooks.

11. Your pet keeps staring at a certain area of the house — or stays far, far away from a certain area of the house — with no explanation.

12. You hear scraping on the walls.

13. You hear music coming from nowhere.

14. You have a sense of someone standing behind you when no one is visibly there.

15. You feel like you’ve been touched or grazed by unseen hands when you’re all alone.

16. You wake up with scratches or bruises across your body.

17. You never actually see objects moving from place to place — but you know it’s been happening. (You leave your keys on the kitchen counter and they appear on your bedside table).

18. You hear knocks when no one is at the door.

19. You hear laughter when no one else is in the house with you.

20. You feel an electrical charge in the air.

21. You wake up between 3 and 4 AM, feeling like someone is watching you from the shadows.

22. Appliances stop working out of nowhere.

23. You hear voices moaning in pain.

24. You see shadows moving out of the corner of your eye.

25. You hear someone calling your name over and over again. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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