Reminders For Girls Whose Boyfriends Never Make Them Orgasm 

36 Reminders For Girls Whose Boyfriends Never Make Them Orgasm 

1. You shouldn’t be the only one who gives oral.

2. You shouldn’t be the only one on top.

3. You shouldn’t be the only one exerting effort.

4. You deserve an orgasm too.

5. Bad sex might seem like a bad reason to dump someone — but dumping someone who refuses to learn what you like, refuses to put in the same amount of effort as you, refuses to meet your expectations, and refuses to return your favors is perfectly valid.

6. You shouldn’t have to wait until you’re alone to make yourself orgasm.

7. If you were able to learn what turns your person on, they can do the same for you.

8. You shouldn’t have low standards when it comes to any part of your relationship — including your sex life.

9. Your pleasure matters.

10. You aren’t supposed to be counting down the minutes until sex ends.

11. You aren’t supposed to be lying about headaches or being on your period because sex is rarely enjoyable for you.

12. You’re supposed to get as much out of sex as your person does.

13. If you wish your person would pay more attention to your needs in the bedroom, then you should sit down with them and have a conversation about it.

14. If they refuse to change after hearing your thoughts, you probably shouldn’t waste your time with them.

15. After all, if your person is selfish inside of the bedroom, they’re probably selfish outside of the bedroom too.

16. Never waste your time with someone who treats you like a piece of meat.

17. Never feel weird about asking for more foreplay.

18. Never feel guilty about how long it takes for you to finish.

19. Never apologize for expecting an orgasm.

20. You shouldn’t have to wait until special occasions — like birthdays and anniversaries — to get oral without asking.

21. You shouldn’t have to beg him or bribe him to give you oral.

22. He should be excited about making you excited.

23. It might sound shallow, but sex can make or break your relationship.

24. You shouldn’t hesitate to ask for exactly what you want.

25. You shouldn’t pretend you’re enjoying yourself in order to make him happy.

26. You should never ever fake orgasms.

27. If he thinks you’re orgasming over moves you cannot stand, he’s going to keep performing those moves over and over again.

28. You need to be open and honest with him, even when it’s awkward.

29. You can’t suffer in silence because you’re worried about hurting his feelings.

30. If he’s right for you, he would rather have you speak up so he can fix his mistakes.

31. Remember: sex is supposed to be fun for the both of you.

32. You’re supposed to look forward to the time you spend together.

33. You’re not supposed to feel like sex is a chore.

34. You’re not supposed to wish sex wasn’t part of the equation.

35. You’re supposed to work as a team and keep finding new ways to enjoy yourself.

36. And if you’re still not getting what you want from him, you’re allowed to dump him. You’re allowed to decide you deserve better.

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