50 Men Reveal What Turns Them On Now That They're Older And More Mature

50 Men Reveal What Turns Them On Now That They’re Older And More Mature

Some men from Ask Reddit reveal what turns them on now that never turned them on before.

1. Intelligence.

  • 10 years ago the hot chick was hot.

  • Now the chick who has her life together, a solid grasp of personal finance, and a plan for the future is hot.

I mean yes looks still matter, but if you’re well informed and passionate about an issue, I find it attractive.

2. Sanity. I used to have the baffling concept that crazy chicks were more fun.

3. Ambition. I assumed as a dumb 18 year old that everyone had drive and ambition. Turns out, that was false.

4. Fiscal responsibility. Holy shit, fiscal responsibility is sexy.

5. Interest being shown, not having to chase someone and “play games”. It’s insane meeting women around my age that still act like they’re in high school. I’m not going to waste time trying to figure out the level of interest you have in me and any potential relationship between us. I’ve become a very upfront, lay out the details kind of guy when I’ve grown to like someone now.

6. A good sense of fashion. I’ve gone from a horny teen that only wanted naked to preferring the aesthetic of clothing. Partially clothed is so much sexier than fully naked.

7. Emotional Intelligence.

Are you aware of why you feel the way you feel and how to use that energy in a healthy way?

If yes then goddamn. I want to spend all my time with you.

8. As the kids would say, Someone who’s T H I C C.

9. Reliability. Anyone can be “spontaneous” and do things on a whim, but can you also do the things you said you’d do last week?

Oh girl. I like that.

10. I find girls with a bit of a belly really attractive. 10 years ago, I was really into tiny skinny girls, but now a plump tummy on a girl really gets me going.

11. Girls with “flaws”: blemishes (stretch marks, not-perfect teeth, scars, wrinkles, etc.), body hair, and/or weight.

I was walking a fine line between awkward teenage kid and full-on incel at 14. I wanted the perfect blond hair, blue eyes girl, shorter/smaller than me, perfect skin, thin body, etc. You’ve seen the cringe posts those losers make, so you know full well where I’m going with this. I am not that anymore and now I find beauty in anybody, but the most attractive thing to me is an enthusiastic personality—I love watching women talk about things they’re passionate about!

12. Seeing that somebody is comfortable at failing.

10 years ago as a teenager I would just have laughed at those people. Nowadays I see that those people do have figured out what it takes to get better at something.

13. Women with short hair. No idea why.

14. Smaller breasts. I used to like bigger ones. I don’t really know what happened. I mean, I love all breasts, but now I find smaller ones a bit more attractive than larger ones.

15. Eye contact. Ten years ago, I was a total iPhone junkie and would rather text. Plus I was big on movie dates. Now nothing turns me on than a longing look in the eyes like in lady and the tramp.

16. Freckles (ESPECIALLY on non-gingers). Don’t ask why with either, I have no clue.

17. Discipline. I find men with discipline oddly attractive and admirable. It wasn’t something I cared about as a lazy teenager myself, but getting older now, it’s an important thing to me.

18. Flat chest, it’s better for cuddles and hugs.

19. The ability to find the cheapest, yet tasty, options on the menu without taking a very long time. I like a woman who knows neither me nor her want to spend a lot of money on a date.

20. Kindness. 10 years ago, I was naive enough to think that everyone was nice. I’m attracted now to people exclusively who are kind.

21. Not entirely sure how to word this specifically– but 10 years ago, I would chase women. Today, if you don’t find me attractive… chances are my attraction towards you depletes to zero and beyond.

22. Good credit, God so damn sexy.

23. Eye bags, although I’ve always liked them.

Can’t say why, I just think they are super cute & adorable, its a good thing for girls, most are insecure about having eye bags and I will just bring them up casually and say that I think they are cute and they just stare at me in awe of what I said.

24. A little bit of gray in a woman’s hair. To me 10 years ago, it said, “I’m old and used up.” To me now, it says, “I’ve been through some shit and survived it, I’m tough AF.”

25. Tattoos. Tattooed females are hawt.

26. Girls with abs / muscle. No matter how someone’s personality is or where they come from or what their job is one simple fact about the human body is that having abs shows extreme commitment and work. Its admirable and that commitment to a healthy life style is like *boing*.

27. Big women, like my height or taller.

28. Feet. Discovering a hidden kink is a life changing experience.

29. Genuine people. I’m only 21 but if someone has the personality of a tantrum-throwing teenager, or just a really shitty way of acting towards others, they instantly lose any physical attraction I had.

Also, a cute smile. Idk why but the smile my friend has just makes me happy.

30. Children. Ten years ago I’d rather have jumped off a bridge than had a child. These days, while I’m not particularly interested in having kids, I wouldn’t cry if it were to happen.

31. Muscles.

32. Men. Kept trying to convince myself I was straight when I was little but my first stiffy was from seeing toby McGuire in his Spiderman outfit in the theater when I was a kid.

Basically Spiderman is the reason my sexuality has awakened to it’s true form.

33. Being able to do things alone – together, for example stuff like just lying in bed, reading two separate books while holding hands or cuddling up a bit.

34. Going to bed before midnight on the weekend.

35. Massive huge asses. I use to think there was something wrong with me and I was wrong for finding them attractive. Now I feel the freedom to hit on big huge ass women. I cannot lie.

36. Pregnant women.

37. Strong women. Like a women who works out.

38. Leggings! I used to think how trashy they were. ESPECIALLY when people wore them with shirts that didn’t fully cover their butts.

39. Pubic hair. 10 years ago I was 13 years old. I had just started looking at internet porn at that point and most women I saw were shaved. If i ever saw pictures/videos of girls with pubic hair I thought it was a bit unattractive for some reason. Then, the girl I lost my virginity to when I was 15 never shaved. I mean, she kept it pretty well trimmed so it looked fine. We dated for over a year and after having sex with her countless times it grew on me pretty fast. I would almost say I got to a point where I preferred if women had pubic hair.

40. Success and confidence. I find myself inexplicably attracted to women 20 yrs my senior that are in positions of power and or exude confidence that I wouldn’t have found physically attractive a while back.

41. Thick girls. I was pretty indifferent ten years ago. Didn’t mind it.

Now? They’re about the only ones that turn my head

42. Someone who can deal with insurance paperwork. I see her filling out those checkboxes and I’m like, ooooh mama, limit that deductible. Hope you got accidental fire coverage cause you’re smoking!

43. Sober weekends.

10 years ago I was in my early 20s would have never went a whole weekend without partying. Now the idea of partying all weekend sounds horrible. I’m still down for the occasional night out, but getting brownout drunk every single Friday and Saturday is about as appealing as rubbing my nuts on a cheese grater.

44. Over the years I have switched from a boobs-guy to a boobs and ass-guy.

45. Taking things seriously. When I was younger I had a real thing for the lazy, funny, almost apathetic guys. My parents were super uptight and fought with me all the time about inconsequential things. I just wanted someone who was fundamentally chilled about everything. That’s cool in your teens but as an adult it tended to mean irresponsible people who didn’t bother to find jobs that excited them or find any interests, they also never had anything they felt or spoke passionately about. My current boyfriend is definitely not chilled, but he is passionate about his interests and he has strong emotional reactions to everything and whilst he doesn’t find his job that fulfilling he believes in working hard for it which is incredibly attractive to me.

46. Women over the age of 30

47. Probably glasses. It’s not that I found them unattractive ten years ago, I just was pretty indifferent. Now I constantly annoy my wife to wear her glasses more (her vision is still really good, she only needs them for stuff like lecture halls and movie theaters, so she doesn’t need to wear them much).

48. Predictability.

49. The phrase: “We have nothing planned for the weekend.”

50. I’ve gotten to an age (and have gotten interested in women of a certain age) and I’ve started checking for a wedding ring. That’s something I absolutely wasn’t doing 10 years ago.

It’s not that I didn’t care. It’s just that the type of women I was attracted to were rarely married. Now it’s sort of a 50-50 chance situation. TC mark


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