33 Stupidly Simple Romantic Gestures That Show You're Putting Effort Into The Relationship 

33 Stupidly Simple Romantic Gestures That Show You’re Putting Effort Into The Relationship 

These romantic gestures from Ask Reddit are going to make your person swoon.

1. Light non-sexual touching. Light hand on the thigh while riding in the car. Brushing your hand over the small of their back when passing behind. Drawing your fingers over their skin affectionately when sitting together.

2. Remembering something they said along time ago that hasn’t been talked about since. Shows you listened and cared enough to remember it.

3. Kissing their head or cheek as you go by or just stopping to give a hug randomly.

4. Cleaning the snow and ice off their vehicle early in the morning.

5. Looking your SO in the eye and saying, “You look amazing.”

6. Acting like you’re proud to be with them, especially in front of your friends. Not cringy PDA but like occasionally handholding, arm around etc. I felt like my long term ex was embarrassed of me and that we were more than just friends, and not until I dated someone else I realized how simple and important it is.

7. Grabbing simple shit from the store for me just because… stuff like that. That’s what shows you give a fuck and pay attention. Bring me my favorite razor or bath bomb or even toothpaste, whatever. That shows deeper meaning than a lot of grand gestures do.

8. Someone drawing a little smiley face or heart on a paper you’re using.

9. Bringing me coffee in the morning. The real way into my heart.

10. Seriously? Might sound lame to some, but in my experience the gestures that mean the most its something like tidying the house or doing something like that that you didn’t have to do just to make their lives easier, take the effort to sort something out that’s a big weight off their mind.

11. Making sure they get to their destination before leaving. For example: wait to see your SO go up to their apartment after a date, and probably wait for a while later just in case.

12. Kissing your partner’s hand while you are holding hands.

13. When she looks at me and smiles for no particular reason other than she’s happy to be spending time with me.

14. When they text late at night to see if you are still awake.

15. Little hand written notes. It doesn’t have to be anything specific. Just a simple “hope you have a great day. Love you” etc. does the trick. I keep all the notes my boyfriend writes me.

16. A good morning text. Nothing fancy, just a simple “Good morning! Have a good day. I love you.”

17. Cooking someone dinner and bringing the plate to them.

18. Little handmade gifts! for example, a drawing of something you like or you maybe, lil painting, card, etc. Or when they lean their head on yours (if your s.o. is taller than u ofc).

19. When my boyfriend strokes my hair and kisses my forehead while cuddling, I melt.

20. When they show up to support you without being asked.

21. Unexpected snacks.

22. My boyfriend always boils water when I visit without asking because he knows I always like a tea.

23. For introverts: “You’re not draining to be with.”

24. Little spontaneous dances. Just standing I’m the kitchen and he’ll hug me and sway a little or spin me and I instantly get the warm and fuzzies.

25. Asking if they’re okay. Honestly just ask me that and I’ll fall in love.

26. When we were dating my fiance and I were in a long distance relationship for a few months and before he left he sprayed some of my sweaters with his cologne

27. A quick wink.

28. Sometimes my boyfriend will gently grab my chin and kiss me. It makes me absolutely melt. He also randomly shows up with coffee some mornings and I’m always happy about surprise caffeine.

29. Sounds cliche but flowers. It doesn’t have to be a special occasion to get flowers.

Also men like flowers too!

30. Hugs. Really long hugs. Maybe it’s not really a romantic gesture but it’s still sweet. Just the feeling when you had a bad day and you look up to the person you adore, seeing them opening their arms and smiling. I love that moment so so much.

31. Light back scratches.

32. Every day, I send her a different love meme. She says it makes her feel really appreciated. Tonight i found 20+ of individual love memes and sent it to her so she sees them when she wakes up. I hope she likes them.

33. Anything specific to the person that says you paid attention (without looking for praise), noticing when they do little things for you, because being appreciated for effort is a nice feeling, and when they are having a bad day, remember the magic words, “That sucks.” Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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