10 Things That Aren't Going To Convince Me To Sleep With You

10 Things That Aren’t Going To Convince Me To Sleep With You

1. Leaving vulgar comments on my Instagram selfies. You’re allowed to call me cute. You’re allowed to DM me about how much you like me. You’re allowed to shoot your shot. I’m more than happy to accept compliments — as long as they’re tasteful. It’s entirely possible to call me beautiful or pretty or even sexy without making me cringe, without making me feel like a piece of meat.

2. Straight up asking for sex. It’s nice you’re transparent about what you want from me. I appreciate the straightforwardness. But I’m not going to hang out with you if the only conversation we ever have is you saying, “You up? You free? Want to grab drinks?” I want to actually talk too. I’m not going to meet you without a little verbal foreplay first.

3. Insulting me. Playing hard to get is bad enough. It’s even worse when you act like I’m beneath you, like I should be jumping up and down over the fact you’re giving me attention. Treating me like shit isn’t going to do you any favors. You can come across as confident and secure in yourself without being a rude douche.

4. Insulting other women. Don’t compare me to other girls in order to compliment me. I won’t be happy about hearing I’m hotter than your ex or that you like my body better than the bodies you see on models. I’m not going to sleep with someone who shames women — even if I’m not one of the women being shamed.

5. Bad sexting. If we’re going to sext, at least make it interesting. Don’t make me do all the talking. Don’t make any typos. Don’t ask cliche questions. Give me something to get excited about. Saying and then what over and over again isn’t going to put me in the mood.

6. Snapchatting me shirtless pictures in front of the mirror. I don’t want any unprompted dick pics — and I don’t want any unprompted shirtless pictures either. Don’t flex for me in front of the mirror. Don’t show me your treasure trail. Unless you’re on the beach, I would rather see a clothed picture where you’re smiling, laughing, looking cute without stripping everything off.

7. Begging. You aren’t going to get your way by begging me to sleep with you. I’m not going to feel guilty and say yes if you ask enough times. The nos will only get stronger.

8. Repeat conversations. I get bored easily. If you keep texting me to say hey and then we copy and paste the same conversation we’ve had the last three times, I’m not going to want to see you in person. I’m not even going to want to text you back.

9. Catcalling. Catcalling will never turn me on. It will only me feel unsafe. It will only convince me to get as far away from you as possible as quickly as possible.

10. Insulting my boyfriend. If I’m dating someone, you don’t have a chance with me either way, but you make yourself look like a complete asshole when you insult the guy I’m currently dating and act like I would be better off with you. The fact you’re insulting him is proof you’re so much worse. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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