Reasons To Read NOS4A2 Before The Series Adaptation Hits AMC

6 Reasons To Read ‘NOS4A2’ Before The Series Adapted By AMC

NOS4A2 is a chilling novel — and is going to make an even more chilling television series.

NOS4A2 (which is pronounced Nosferatu) is a dark fantasy novel written by Joe Hill. It’s about an immortal creature who steals children and takes them to a hidden world called Christmasland.

NOS4A2 has five-star ratings and stellar reviews across the internet, which is why the story is getting adapted into a series airing on AMC. In the past, AMC has produced hits like Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead, Mad Men, and Preacher. 

If you haven’t read NOS4A2 yet, here are a few reasons why you should pick up a copy of your own — and then watch the series adaptation premiering late in 2019:

1. If you are interested in horror novels, fantasy novels, or supernatural vampire novels, you are going to appreciate NOS4A2. The main villain, Max, is an immortal creature who feeds off the souls of children and deposits their remains in Christmasland. Inside this twisted land, every day is Christmas day and unhappiness is against the law.

2. Joe Hill is the writer of the original NOS4A2 novel and the executive producer for the adapted television series. Hill has created countless dark, captivating novels in the past like Heart-Shaped Box, The Fireman, and Horns (whose adaptation starred Daniel Radcliffe). Although Joe Hill has achieved success on his own, it’s fitting to mention he is the son of Stephen King. He has a different storytelling style than his father with his own unique voice, but he has inherited the ability to tell a chilling story that will send shivers down your spine.

3. Zachary Quinto, who you know as Spock from Star Trek and Chad Warwick from American Horror Story, is going to play a leading role in NOS4A2. He will star as Charlie Manx, the wicked character capable of slipping out of the everyday world in order to transport unsuspecting children to his personal playground.

4. Ashleigh Cummings, from Westside and Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries, will play Vic McQueen. Vic is a woman who can create a magical bridge in order to find misplaced objects like missing photographs or lost bracelets. This bridge can take her anywhere. She can travel across the country in a matter of moments — or over to Christmasland.

5. Ashley Romans, who appeared on the most recent season of Shameless, will play an FBI psychologist named Tabitha. She investigates Vic for being involved in her own son’s disappearance. However, in reality, her son has been kidnapped by Max as a way to get to her. She was the only child to escape his grasp years ago — and although she has tried to forget about him, he is still not over the fact she has gotten away.

6. This supernatural suspense novel is called NOS4A2 because it’s the vanity license plate Max drives around with on his Rolls-Royce Wraith. The plate is a play on the name Nosferatu, which is one of the most famous vampire films. Even though this novel finds way to pay homage to the classics, it has its own dark, twisted voice. NOS4A2 is unlike anything you have ever read before — and the series is sure to be unlike anything you have ever watched before. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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