22 Signs He's Not Interested In Getting You Into Bed

22 Signs He Doesn’t Want To Have Sex With You

1. He keeps referring to you as a friend, buddy, pal, or bro. He might even make comments about how he sees you like a little sister.

2. Every time you say something sexual, he quickly changes the subject. He never flirts back with you.

3. If you sit close to him, he will find excuses to scoot himself away so you are no longer touching. He makes sure to keep his distance.

4. He never answers your late night, drunken texts. He waits until the morning when you are sober to respond.

5. He avoids liking and commenting on your selfies, but he likes any pictures you post of your dog or your dinner.

6. He waves goodbye instead of giving you a kiss on the cheek or a hug. During the rare times when he touches you, he makes sure it’s quick. He never lingers longer than necessary.

7. He asks you for relationship advice. He is vocal about all of the different girls he is interested in dating — and you are not on the list.

8. He avoids hanging out with you one-on-one. He only wants to hang out in group settings, when there are buffers around.

9. It takes him ages to answer your texts, even after you send him an attractive picture. If he gives you a compliment, he will use a generic word like nice to describe the way you look instead of using sexy, hot, or beautiful.

10. He does not hold eye contact for long. He always ends up glancing away — and not out of nerves.

11. Your conversations are basic. You talk about the weather. You talk about work. You talk about television shows. You never tease each other or banter back and forth. You keep it simple.

12. He rarely checks your stories, even when you posted them specifically in the hopes he would see.

13. He never seems jealous when you mention another guy or when he catches you flirting with another guy. He might even encourage you to ask one of them on a date.

14. When you’re out with a bunch of people, he never chooses the seat closest to you. He never approaches you. He never sends the first text. Every conversation you have is initiated by you.

15. When you give him the perfect opening to compliment you or ask you on a date, he doesn’t take the bait.

16. Whenever you try to set plans with him, he makes excuses about why he cannot show up. He is always canceling on you.

17. He half-listens while you talk. He never remembers anything you say.

18. He never notices when you change your hair, wear a new outfit, or show more cleavage than usual.

19. You have never caught him checking you out. You have never even heard him give you a compliment about your physical appearance.

20. He never uses heart or winking emojis. He sticks to basic smiley faces or uses nothing at all.

21.  He treats everyone the same as he treats you. He might even treat everyone else better than he treats you.

22. He gives you one-word answers. He ends your conversations as soon as possible. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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