50 People Reveal The Best 'Bad News' They Ever Got About An Ex

50 People Reveal The Best ‘Bad News’ They Ever Got About An Ex

These people from Ask Reddit dodged a bullet.

1. The guy she cheated on me with cheated on her. Petty, I know, but hey, karma.

2. Found out recently that my first ex who was physically/mentally/emotionally abusive to me, cheated on me throughout the relationship, and put me into financial ruin for years cause of his gambling is going to jail for attempted murder, carrying illegal substance (meth) and a whole lot of other charges.

Glad karma has finally caught up to him.

3. She was pregnant. Math told me it wasn’t mine by about a 2 months. Glorious feeling. She married the baby daddy before the due date.

4. I’ll check her Instagram occasionally, just to feel better about myself. She posts at least once a month about how someone has “wronged” her and how she needs better boundaries and self-love. It’s really validating because she made me feel like an awful person who was always messing up. It’s nice to now know she sees everyone that way and I’m probably not a terrible person.

5. I decided to look him up on public court records and saw where he got busted trying to pick up a prostitute. This is while he was married to the woman he cheated on me with, so that was pretty funny.

6. He and the guy he left me for went on a trip to Colorado. Where the guy he left me for robbed him and left him stranded at a bus stop. He wanted someone more spontaneous and irresponsible. I guess he got it.

7. Ex got engaged, I think, less than a year after dumping me (under pretty dumb circumstances, and he was kind of a jerk). He’d been in a relatively short, long-distance relationship with this fiancé, and she had this snide attitude toward me when we would see each other. I was a few years older and worked on campus where she attended uni, so I had to be a good employee and be nice to her anyway. I had a weird feeling they weren’t going to get married, and I was right. Engagement didn’t last. He’s also become extremely unattractive since we broke up. I hate saying that makes me feel better, but it kind of does.

8. He’s miserable. he cheated on me for almost a year. I didn’t find out til about 6 months into that year. We were together 4 years and engaged. I stupidly forgave him (we were both quite young) and he continued to cheat with her. I was devastated at first when he left me for her but then his friends started talking about how she was cheating on him. They’re still together and frequently cheat on each other. I am now happily married.

9. After he and I divorced and he married the woman that he had gotten pregnant and had been cheating on me with. 7 years later it turns out that kid isn’t even his and she was cheating him.

The kid was born via c section on his birthday.

10. Most of the hundred or so guys she dated after me ended up dumping her.

11. Ex wife got pregnant not more than 6 months after we separated with a “friend” of mine. She later left him and abandoned the kid.

12. She’s on her third divorce. Seems like I wasn’t the only one not willing to put with her crazy shit.

13. He made me feel like shit for gaining some weight (I still had a healthy BMI, I just went from thin to average if that makes sense). I ran into him 7 years later. He is morbidly obese and ungracefully going bald now and I am literally in the best shape of my life. I look better than I did when we were together lol. He was so sure that men just get more handsome with age and women hit “the wall” in the mid 20s, guess not!

14. He failed out of med school.

After repeatedly making fun of me for going to Podiatry school and becoming a foot and ankle surgeon, bc he got an “MD” and I got a “DPM” (doctor of podiatric medicine).

Guess who still gets called “Dr.” now, bitch.

15. Guy she left me for turned out to be a sociopath who just lived for breaking up happy couples, then skipping town to go on to his next itinerant nursing gig. Did it to us and at least three other marriages/LTRs in our tiny town before disappearing.

Now she’s alone and living in a trailer back at her parents’ property in a rural town on an island.

16. Ex and the guy she cheated on me with both got fired because of fraternization rules at the company they worked for.

17. She was going to jail for stabbing her husband, the man she picked over me.

18. He ended up in jail and got his jaw broken inside. I broke up with him for punching me in the face because he wanted me to stay home and I didn’t.

19. He ghosted me and then dumped me after I confronted him all because he wanted to fuck his coworker. After he got to do just that, she ghosted him and told everyone he was trash in bed. Not only am I thrilled I dodged a huge bullet (compulsive liar, manipulative, emotionally abusive) but I’m SO glad I never slept with him. From what I hear from mutual friends, every time my life gets better his gets seems to get worse. Funny how that works.

20. I was pleased to learn that my ex is still single and miserable, honestly.

21. He never left our home town. We had always talked about how we were “going to get out.” We went to college together in another part of the state and broke up after our first term there. I transferred to a school in a different state, and I’ve been traveling as much as possible. And he’s still the same guy he was when we were in high school.

22. Found out he still lives in his parents dingy basement working dead end jobs at almost 30. He also tweets about his tinder/dating woes. I almost feel sorry for him.

23. That an ex’s next bf did to her exactly what she did to me – ghosted her, made her feel insecure, kept changing his mind about how he felt, constant criticism of really shallow things, used her for the “experience”. Can’t say as I felt a whole lot of sympathy, but it did make me laugh when she commented on one of those saccharine FB posts about self-love in the face of being used in a really self-pitying manner. I couldn’t help myself. Schadenfreude, indeed.

24. She left me sitting at the airport for two hours when I flew out to visit her because she was out to dinner with another guy.

She married that guy.

He cheated on her.

They divorced.

She got knocked up by someone else.

He dumped her.

She remarried and divorced again.

She is now a chain-smoking alcoholic. IDGAF

25. For most of our relationship, he had eyes on women that he barely knew, so that he could idealize them, then compare them to me and destroy my self esteem. Several months after we split up, he found a beautiful European girl on an online game, who he thought was the love of his life.

The girl lied. She was a catfish, and a man in real life.

26. He got a girl pregnant and the baby is the ugliest child I’ve ever seen.

I should feel bad about that, but he cheated on me for 6 months of our 9 month relationship then told my next boyfriend I was a prude because I didn’t want to put his nasty unwashed dick in my mouth.

27. Dude cheated on me because I wouldn’t sleep with him. The girl he cheated on me with wouldn’t sleep with him either. Lol to that backfire.

28. His friends turned on him, he lost his job, got evicted from his apartment and ended up moving in with his dad.

29. She got chlamydia.

30. No one likes him. He also set up a go fund me for his uni fees despite having actively said to me before that the “kinds of people who do that are scummy and deserve nothing”. No one donated. I laughed.

31. She moved to Bali and caused a volcano to erupt, which led to evacuations. She then moved to Hawaii and caused another volcano to erupt, which led to evacuations. She now lives in Minnesota. Purchase your volcano insurance now!

32. That he nearly got arrested for making threats to shoot up my old high school.

Freaking lunatic. So happy I’m out of that mess.

33. My ex was a horrible human being during our relationship towards me, her/my family and my friends. Now she’s a single mother with two children. She tried contacting me several times asking if I wanted to meet up and it felt so good to say NO.

34. I got a random text from her a few years ago. This was at least 5 years after we had quit talking, 7 years after I moved a couple thousand miles away, and 10 years after we broke up. It was something about it was all my fault that she’s so fucked up and now she found a real man.

Glad to know she’s still completely pathetic and has no idea how to get her shit together.

35. He had a long walk home from another town because friends ”forgot” him there. I didn’t know at the time, but my brother organized it for cheating on me.

36. So I broke up with my ex based on some instinctive feeling I had that I wouldn’t be happy with him. I had no reason to feel that way, he was a standup guy and we got along great, and he always looked out for me and supported me in everything I did. And his family loved me. I always wondered if that was a mistake.

Five years after that, we’re both married to different people, meet up with our old gang, and he starts whining about how his marriage is in trouble in the exact same ways I felt I would be unhappy with him. His wife feels he doesn’t stand up for her enough, his family constantly interferes in their marriage, and he expects his wife to be subservient to him and she did not want to put up with that shit.

Vindication felt great. It’s important to trust your instincts.

37. That she broke up with me because she wanted me to fight for her. Given that she had already sent several red flags flying on several occasions this reason for breaking up was all the reason I needed to not talk to her again. People pull that shit in high school or earlier, not when they’re 30 (I was 21 at the time). From what I hear from my roommate’s girlfriend who knows her, I dodged one fucking hell of a bullet.

38. After she split with me, mostly over me refusing to ever have kids, she went on to hook up with some other dude and got knocked up (I was so fucking glad I wasn’t that guy and she would have been the type to “baby-trap” me). A few years later I ran into a mutual-friend of ours and he told me how she went on to have 2 kids with this guy, got married, then divorced not too long after.

Then a couple of years ago, I stumbled across her FB page and saw that she was just finishing up her second divorce and had to set up a Go-Fund-Me page to pay off $2,500 worth of toll-violations that her ex.-husband racked up using her car.

39. My ex wife cheated on me with a mutual friend. We got divorced, they dated, she cheated on him, and the guy after him. She also got an autograph of the lead singer of a band tattooed on her hand.

40. Dude dumped me when I finally stopped drinking and got sober after years of poor decisions and legal trouble. (Long story short).

Through a hilarious coincidence, I end up seeing his mug shot online- he was arrested for a DUI.

41. My boyfriend of 3 years blindsided me, dumping me right after we signed the lease for a new apartment, just a couple weeks shy of our move-in date. His life quickly went to shit. He tried to get out of the lease and leave me screwed with nowhere to live, but his signature is on the lease so guess who got the apartment? And guess who’s getting half her rent paid by said ex?

He also started drinking heavily every night and ended up crashing his work truck, getting arrested for a DUI and losing his job as a result. During our relationship, I told him over and over to stop drinking and driving. it disgusted me. Anyway, now he’s working some crap job and dating a skanky fellow alcoholic.

42. One of our mutual friends reached out to tell me they saw her in a social media photo and she had gained a bunch of weight.

43. Found out my husband was cheating on me, kicked him out. Two weeks later, I get a call – he’s in jail for indecent exposure. He was at the laundromat, reading while his clothes dried. A woman there dropped a quarter, turned her head and saw him scratching his junk – and called the cops on him. It was a ridiculous thing to call the cops about, but I admit it was a bit hilarious to me at the time. Charges dropped, btw, all was well.

44. He went to jail for the rape he did that ended our relationship and then was pressured by another girl that he cheated on me with and his parents to get married cause she was pregnant.

45. Heard she got pregnant with the dude she cheated on me with. Now those assholes are stuck together.

46. Her next relationship was a disaster. Made me look great in her and her families eyes. She tried to come crawling back but I said nooooooope. Later bitch

47. He knocked up a one-night stand and has to pay child support forever and deal with a woman he barely knew then and hates now. She has turned his life upside down and he’s miserable muwahaha.

48. She went to jail for fake drug prescriptions.

49. After a drunken phone call that ended the relationship, the girl he immediately started dating cheated on him with her ex she never fully broke up with. Hah.

50. Guy she cheated on me with went to jail. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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