50 Ordinary Folks Reveal Why A Famous Celebrity Blocked Them On Twitter

50 Ordinary Folks Reveal Why A Famous Celebrity Blocked Them On Twitter

Be careful what you say on Twitter because you might get blocked like these poor souls from Ask Reddit.

1. Blocked by E.L. James for questioning her books authenticity and portrayal of BDSM culture. Blocked by Kirstie Alley for questioning Scientology.

2. I got blocked by Taylor swift by tweeting her a picture of me 35 times.

3. My cousin was blocked by Drake after commenting on one of his posts: “Why do you write songs about women not wanting you when you’re exactly the kind of man women should avoid?”

4. Jenny McCarthy tweeted out an open ended question about what people look for in their ideal romantic partner.

I responded, “Someone who believes in vaccination.”

Annnnnd blocked.

5. I tweeted a picture of a burnt hot dog to Ryan Reynolds and asked if it looked like Deadpool’s member. BLOCKED! No regrets!!

6. I got blocked by Dane Cook because I tweeted, “Idk what is creepier about Dane Cook his plastic surgery or his teenage girlfriend.” I didn’t even at him!

7. I asked William Shatner if it was true that he’s an asshole and he said yes and blocked me.

8. Calvin Harris blocked me and I still have no idea why. I’ve never tweeted him or tweeted about him.

9. Alec Baldwin blocked me after his alleged parking incident. He tweeted something about getting out to vote, and I wrote back that parking is a little tough at my polling place, but I’m sure I can find a spot amicably.

10. My old roommate got blocked by Amy Schumer when he tweeted that he didn’t think her Netflix special was very funny, that’s it.

11. I got blocked by Alex Jones when I responded to one of his tweets harassing one of the Parkland kids with: “Why are you so obsessed with these kids when you can’t even see your own?”

12. For a while I would use Snapchat to faceswap myself with Trump and do my impression of him.

I would share them on twitter and tag him in the posts.

One day I come to find out I can no longer tag him in posts. I was blocked by the President of the United States.

I’ve since been unblocked because of that judicial ruling about freedom of information of whatever.

13. Michael Ian Black has a profile picture with a sort of stereotypical looking “leatherman” hat on. He posted some stupid opinion about something or another, so I replied asking, “Interesting, do the rest of the Village People feel the same way?” He did not apparently like that.

14. When I was 14 I tweeted at Bob Saget that I wanted DJ and Stephanie Tanner to come over for a sleepover, and that’s how I got blocked by Bob Saget on Twitter.

15. When I was new to Twitter and didn’t really understand how it worked, William Shatner was live tweeting an episode of Supernatural and making bad dad jokes. I @ed him and said how happy it made me that William Shatner Tweeted like a teenage girl in an old man’s body. Boom. Banned. Sorry, Bill…

16. Blocked by Avxry because he was calling someone toxic and I proceeded to link him a 20 minute video compilation of him being toxic.

17. I was blocked by Dan Schneider back when iCarly was still on air for criticizing a blog post he made. I never liked that guy even though his shows were my childhood.

18. My sister was blocked by Ryan Murphy because she said something bad about the writing of Glee.

19. Piers Morgan didn’t like it when I reminded him of the time he intercepted voicemails on Nigel Havers’ phone so he could print stories about his dying wife

20. Solja Boy blocked me. He tweeted out, ” Sexy Ladies, hit my DM,” and I replied with a selfie of my bearded self saying, “Not a sexy lady, but I have a big ass beard”

21. I was blocked by Dolly Parton after I asked if she was related to the Dalai Lama.

22. One time Tim Allen made a tweet where he said something like “If people evolved from monkeys how come there are still monkeys?” And I said: “If Time Allen was arrested for smuggling several pounds of cocaine how come he’s not in prison?”

I thought it was funny.

23. Zach Braff. He tweeted a review of his film Wish I Was Here from a French website. It was a clearly very positive review, so I sarcastically replied saying, “They hated it.” He DM’d me saying, “Why would you say that,” and blocked me. Still funny to me.

24. Blocked by will.i.am for telling him he was an insult to music.

25. I was following porn star Christy Mack when I commented on a picture of her new tattoo, “Property of War Machine.” I told her that that was probably the dumbest thing she’ll ever do. I was blocked and she was hospitalized months later after War Machine beat the hell outta her. Sad.

26. Blocked by UK celeb Mel Kershaw on Insta, all she did was post promos and adverts for stuff she was being paid for. It never once said paid promotion, so I mentioned it in the comments. Blocked.

27. Blocked by Chris Brown (Twitter) and famous Dex (Twitter/Instagram) because I tagged them in memes about them beating their girlfriends.

28. A famous female comedian died and I tweeted (without tagging) something along the lines of ‘why do all the good comedians have to go when Ricky Gervais is still making utter shit’ then went about my day.

Being the arsehole that he is, he was searching himself and RT’d my tweet about him and then blocked me while I got hundreds of abusive tweets from his fans.

29. I’m pretty sure this happened to quite a few people, but tweeting the sketch of the Zodiac Killer to Ted Cruz.

30. My boyfriend got blocked by Evgeni Malkin from the Pittsburgh Penguins for making a meme of him and Sydney Crosby kissing the Stanley Cup with the caption “Two Girls, One Cup”.

He was genuinely so excited to tell me and it made me love him even more.

31. Smashmouth announced a tour with Toad the Wet Sprocket, and announced a contest to name the tour. I suggested “The Washed Up Tour” and got insta-banned. No sense of humor.

32. I’m blocked by Chris D’Elia on everything, and he recorded it.

After seeing his Man on Fire special, I commented on his Instagram post “Man on Fire wasn’t great”. That’s it. Just my opinion on his special, although his previous work and podcasts are amazing. So he goes through the thousands of comments, sees mine, and blocks me on instagram. I find out weeks later. One day he tweets something and I reply “wait can you unblock me on IG?” He replies with a laugh and blocks me on twitter as well. The worst part is, he recorded himself blocking my twitter and posts it on Instagram. I can’t link you because I’m blocked, but scroll down to around June and you’ll see the video.

33. The guy who makes the Dilbert comics blocked me for tweeting erotic Garfield art at him.

34. Amy Schumer did one of those “tell me something I don’t know” tweets. I was one of the first to reply “comedy”. Annndddd blocked.

35. Blocked by Elon Musk after I told him he needs to find a better way to deal with criticism.

36. Jonah Hill blocked me for repeatedly commenting, “Do you like propane, and propane accessories as much as your uncle Hank?”

37. I was blocked by Craig Ferguson because I tweeted at him that his mustache was ugly. The mustache was short lived.

38. Alec Baldwin blocked me for saying boss baby sucked.

39. I was blocked by Nick Crompton for tweeting that England was in fact, not a city.

40. I got blocked by Jenna Elfman for LINKING (I didn’t even tweet it at her!) her disastrous AMA on reddit when all the comments turned to her involvement with Scientology.

41. I was blocked by Bill Cosby for tweeting at him:

“Block me if you raped all those women.”

42. I was banned by Tito Ortiz. He got himself trapped inside an elevator and didn’t appreciate me telling him his head was too heavy and he should’ve taken the stairs.

43. Blocked by Mike Doughty who is a musician and former frontman of a band in the 90s/00s called Soul Coughing.

The band broke up and most of the members hate him so he’s really bitter about Soul Coughing songs (he did a lot of drugs too so I think it Soul Coughing in general brings up a lot of bad memories).

He tweeted that he was reminiscing and listening to SC songs and how they were all shit. I replied and just mentioned that I had really fond memories of rocking out to SC while I was working at Subway in high school and he replied asking me if I wanted him to feel differently? Weird response but I replied again and said something to the effect of “absolutely not. You feel how you feel and that’s fine. Just pointing out that people tend to be their own worst critic”.


No shit. Like 2 months later the fucking dude released an album of him “covering” Soul Coughing songs solo.

It was so dumb. The dude owes 90% of his fanbase to the success of SC and when he went solo covered their stuff all the time. Bummed me out because I was a big fan and just wanted to be supportive.

44. Asked Sean Price to block me so he replied ‘done’ and then blocked me. RIP Sean Price

45. I was at a convention that Deadmau5 was at. I sent a tweet asking if there was going to be any form of autograph sessions sometime. Instantly blocked. I could see him, so I know it wasn’t him but someone managing the account. I tried the same question worded differently on another account, also banned instantly. Instantly meaning in under 30 seconds.

46. Deadmau5 blocked me when I called him skrillex and asked him to dj my 8 year old son’s birthday party.

47. I’m blocked by Tyler Oakley (YouTuber) because in 7th grade, I tweeted “I don’t even like Tyler Oakley” and I’m guessing he searched his own name and blocked me.

48. My friend got blocked by Dr Phil on Instagram because she commented “daddy” on one of his posts.

49. I didn’t get blocked but back in the MySpace days I told Ice Cube if he was in my area he should come smoke a blunt with me. He replied, “Don’t do drugs” and unfriended me

50. I have a friend who was blocked by Smash Mouth for implying that the lead singer and Guy Fieri are the same person. He then sent a Cease and Desist to the radio station they work at. Sensitive guy, that Guy Fieri. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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