Why Do Cats Hate Water?

Why Do Cats Hate Water?

If you have you ever wondered, why do cats hate water, you are not alone.

Most cats hate baths. They keep their distance from water. They prefer dry land.

Why do cats hate water? The answer is pretty simple.

Why do cats hate water?

Most cats are not used to water. They have a limited experience with it, so they have not adapted to dealing with it. Their ancestors might have sat on the edge of the water to hunt for fish, but there was no evolutionary need for most large cats to learn how to swim.

Besides that, cats do not like to have their fur drenched because they become cold easily and because the water will weigh them down. Wetness will make it slightly harder for them to move around like normal, which bothers them, because they like to be nimble, flexible, and light on their feet.

Cats also have sensitive noses. There are chemicals in tap water they are able to smell, even though we cannot, which might keep them from getting close to sinks and bathtubs.

When it comes to your individual cat, they might also hate water if it is associated with punishments. If you spray them with a bottle whenever they misbehave, then they are going to start thinking of water as a bad thing, as something they are not supposed to go near.

Are their cats who actually like water?

Every pet is different. There are some cats who are fascinated by water dripping from the faucet. They might also jump into the shower with you or dip their head into their water dish. Even though these cats like to play around with water, they still probably won’t like bath time.

That is because cats like to live life on their own terms. They will swat at running water if that’s what they choose to do, but they won’t want to be thrown into a bathtub against their own will. They like making decisions themselves.

Even though your cat will probably never enjoy having a bath, there are ways to make them more comfortable with the idea of a bath. Basically, if a cat is exposed to water from a young age, then they will get used to water quickly — but if a grown cat has never had a bath before, they are not going to be happy having one now.

So if you plan on bathing your pet for medical reasons, then you should get them used to it while they are still a kitten.

How can I give my cat a bath?

Cats do not really need baths because they groom themselves. They will lick their fur clean.

However, if you want to give your kitties a bath because they rolled around in something disgusting, you should try placing them inside of an empty bucket at first. You could try placing a folded towel at the bottom of this bucket so they have something soft to latch onto if they become scared.

The sound of running water could send them running into the other room, so take things step by step. Do not make any sudden movements.

Once they are calm, you can run a wet washcloth over their fur. If that goes well, then grab some warm water (making sure it’s not too hot or too cold) and slowly pour it over them.

After that, you can apply a mild shampoo made for cats from their head to the tip of their tail. Just make sure that you thoroughly wash the product off once you are finished, because you don’t want your cat to lick it off their fur later.

Then you can dry them with a warm, fluffy towel. It’s a better idea than using a blowdryer, because the noise will most likely frighten them.

It doesn’t really matter whether your cat is a fan of baths or runs from them, because most of the time, they will be able to keep themselves clean. No water required. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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