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The Best Vampire Movies To Make Your Blood Run Cold

Whether you want to watch a brutally violent thriller or a warmhearted romance, there are vampire movies for you to sink your teeth into.

The Lost Boys

Two brothers relocate to a new town, which happens to be a haven for vampires. Soon after, they make friends with vampire hunters who are trying to figure out the cause of the mysterious deaths that have been happening in their home in California.

Genre: Horror, Comedy

Watch this if you liked: Teen Wolf, Little Monsters, Weird Science

Streaming on: Netflix, Amazon, YouTube

Memorable quote: “One thing about living in Santa Carla I never could stomach; all the damn vampires.”

Interview With The Vampire

A vampire, played by Brad Pitt, sits down for an interview where he tells his entire life story. He talks about falling in love, being betrayed, suffering from fits of loneliness, and hunting out of hunger.

Genre: Horror, Drama

Watch this if you liked: Dracula, The Crow, The Craft

Streaming on: Netflix, Amazon, YouTube

Memorable quote: “That morning I was not yet a vampire, and I saw my last sunrise. I remember it completely, and yet I can’t recall any sunrise before it. I watched the whole magnificence of the dawn for the last time as if it were the first. And then I said farewell to sunlight, and set out to become what I became.”

Fright Night

When a new neighbor moves into the house next to Charley, it doesn’t take long for him to realize the man is an ancient vampire. Frightened for his life, Charley calls upon a vampire hunter to slay the creature and save the town from being brutally murdered.

Genre: Horror, Comedy

Watch this if you liked: A Nightmare On Elm Street, Basket Case, Near Dark

Streaming on: YouTube, Google Play

Memorable quote: “This is real. He’s a real monster and he’s not brooding, or lovesick, or noble. He’s the fucking shark from Jaws. He kills, he feeds, and he doesn’t stop until everybody around him is dead.”


A teenage girl ends up falling in love with a boy from school who turns out to be a vampire. Once she learns his true nature, she has to decide whether she is willing to risk everything she has in order to be with him, despite his abilities.

Genre: Romance, Fantasy, Drama

Watch this if you liked: Beastly, Red Riding Hood, Warm Bodies

Streaming on: Amazon Prime, YouTube

Memorable quote: “So you’re worried, not because you’ll be in a house full of vampires, but because you think they won’t approve of you?”

From Dusk Till Dawn

Two criminals end up trapped in a building filled with vampires along with their hostages. Despite starting off on the wrong foot, they have to work together to save themselves from getting torn to shreds by the dangerous creatures.

Genre: Action, Crime, Horror

Watch this if you liked: Planet Terror, Machete, Jackie Brown

Streaming on: Starz, Amazon, YouTube

Memorable quote: “Did they look like psychos? Is that what they looked like? They were vampires. Psychos do not explode when sunlight hits them, I don’t give a fuck how crazy they are!”


A real estate agent is sent to a castle in Transylvania where a vampire named Count Orlok lives. After noticing some strange occurrences, he starts to wonder whether his client is actually a human or is some sort of supernatural creature.

Genre: Horror, Fantasy

Watch this if you liked:  Frankenstein, The Invisible Man, The Wolf Man

Streaming on: Amazon Prime, Roku

Memorable quote: “Your wife has such a beautiful neck…”

Let The Right One In

A bullied pre-teen boy falls in love with a strange girl who does not like to step into sunlight and needs to be invited into a room before she enters. When he discovers she has to drink blood in order to survive, he is forced to decide whether he likes her enough to trust her.

Genre: Horror, Drama, Romance

Watch this if you liked: The Exorcist, Performance

Streaming on: Hulu, Shudder

Memorable quote: “I’m twelve. But I’ve been twelve for a long time.”

Bram Stoker’s Dracula

Just like in the novel of the same name, Count Dracula travels to England to inflict havoc. However, a group of friends try their hardest to drive him away, even though they know they are risking death by facing him head-on.

Genre: Horror

Watch this if you liked: Frankenstein, Teen Wolf, Warm Bodies

Streaming on: Crackle, Amazon, YouTube

Memorable quote: “Listen to them: the children of the night. What sweet music they make.”

Near Dark

An average farm boy becomes a violent vampire against his will after falling in love with a girl who is a member of a band of the undead.

Genre: Horror, Crime, Thriller

Watch this if you liked: The Call Of Cthulhu, Murder Party, Lord Of Illusions

Streaming on: Not currently streaming online.

Memorable quote: “Those people back there, they wasn’t normal. Normal folks, they don’t spit out bullets when you shoot ’em, no sir.”


Blade, played by Wesley Snipes, is determined to rid the entire world of vampires, even though he is half-mortal, half-vampire himself.

Genre: Horror, Action

Watch this if you liked: The Punisher, Doom, Alien Vs. Predator

Streaming on: YouTube, Google Play

Memorable quote: “Vampire Anatomy 101, crosses and holy water don’t do dick so forget what you’ve seen in the movies. You use a wooden stake, silver or sunlight to kill them.”

30 Days Of Night

Every year, an Alaska town is plunged into darkness for a month when the sun sinks below the horizon. In the cover of darkness, a gang of vampires attacks the town and leaves bodies in their wake. Without much hope of survival, only a married couple of sheriffs can save them all.

Genre: Horror, Thriller

Watch this if you liked: Quarantine, Doomsday, The Mist

Streaming on: Starz, Amazon, YouTube

Memorable quote: “When man meets a force he can’t destroy, he destroys himself.”


A priest who works at a hospital volunteers to test out a vaccine that is meant to cure a deadly virus. However, the vaccine nearly kills him until he receives a blood transfusion from a vampire. Then he is forced to abandon his old life and begin a new one.

Genre: Horror, Drama, Romance

Watch this if you liked: The Chaser, Memories Of Murder, A Tale Of Two Sisters

Streaming on: Amazon, YouTube, Google Play

Memorable quote: “Crush my lips and tongue, that I may not sin with them. Pull out my nails, that I may not grasp nothing. Let my shoulders and back be bent, that I may carry nothing.”


A vampire warrior gets involved in a war between vampires and werewolves. At the same time, she falls in love with a man name Michael, who is a human the werewolves are attempting to kill.

Genre: Action, Fantasy, Thriller

Watch this if you liked: Van Helsing, Resident Evil, Priest

Streaming on: Max Go, Amazon, YouTube

Memorable quote: “We were slaves once. The daylight guardians of the vampires. I was born into servitude. Yet I harbored them no ill will. Even took a vampire for my bride. It was forbidden, our union. Viktor feared a blending of the species. Feared it so much he killed her. His own daughter. Burnt alive for loving me. This is his war. Viktor’s. And he spent the last 600 years exterminating my species.”

Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter

As soon as President Lincoln realizes that vampires are planning on taking over The United States, he decides to eliminate them completely to save his people.

Genre: Western, Horror, Action

Watch this if you liked: Batman & Robin, The Incredible Hulk, The Scorpion King

Streaming on: FX Now, YouTube, Google Play

Memorable quote: “Whatever history remembers of me, if it remembers me at all, it shall only remember a fraction of the truth. For whatever else I am – a husband, a lawyer, a president – I shall always think of myself first and foremost as a hunter.”

Buffy The Vampire Slayer

A teenage girl dating the captain of the basketball team has her world turned upside down when a mysterious man approaches her. He explains how she is the Slayer, the one woman meant to defend the world from vampires.

Genre: Action, Comedy, Horror

Watch this if you liked: Charmed, True Blood, Sabrina The Teenage Witch

Streaming on: Starz, YouTube, Google Play

Memorable quote: “I can’t believe I’m doing this. I can’t believe I’m in a graveyard with a strange man hunting for vampires on a school night.

Shadow of the Vampire

This movie is about the making of a silent horror-film, Nosferatu. During filming, some crew members disappeared and others died mysteriously.

Genre: Drama, Horror

Watch this if you liked: Nosferatu, The Tenant, Liquid Sky

Streaming on: Vudu, Tubi TV, Amazon

Memorable quote: “Tell me how you would harm me – when even I don’t know how I could harm myself.”

I Am Legend

A plague kills the majority of humans and transforms the rest into monsters. The only survivor in New York City (and possibly even the world), played by Will Smith, searches for a cure to save humanity.

Genre: Drama, Horror, Thriller

Watch this if you liked: I, Robot, Hancock, War Of The Worlds

Streaming on: Amazon, YouTube, Google Play

Memorable quote: “If you are out there… if anyone is out there… I can provide food, I can provide shelter, I can provide security. If there’s anybody out there… anybody… please. You are not alone.”

Vampire’s Kiss

A publishing executive is bitten by a woman and starts acting out of the ordinary. As his madness grows more severe, he is stuck wondering whether he is suffering from hallucinations or is truly turning into a vampire.

Genre: Horror, Comedy

Watch this if you liked: Ghost Town, All Cheerleaders Die, Gaslight

Streaming on: Vudu

Memorable quote: “I’m a vampire! I’m a vampire! I’m a vampire!” Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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