The Manananggal

17 Facts About The Manananggal, A Vampiric Cannibalistic Woman

Stories of the Manananggal will make you sick to your stomach.

The Manananggal, Explained

[*] The Manananggal is a vicious, vampire-like mythical creature that originated in the Philippines. It is man-eating and blood-sucking.

[*] The Manananggal looks like a disgusting, hideous woman. It has the ability to sever its upper torso from its lower torso and sprout huge wings that resemble bat wings, which it uses to fly through the sky and search for its next victim.

[*] When its upper torso lifts from the ground with the connected wings, its intestines trail behind.

[*] The Manananggal primarily preys on pregnant women in the middle of the night when they are asleep. It uses its elongated tongue to suck out the woman’s blood or the heart of her fetus.

[*] When the Manananggal choose to prey on men, it can appear as a beautiful woman. It will lure the men to a private place and eat them alive, feasting on their stomaches, hearts, and livers.

[*] The Manananggal can only be killed when sunlight hits its separated torso.

[*] The best way to destroy the Manananggal is to wait until the upper torso separates from the lower torso, because the lower torso will remain motionless and vulnerable. Sprinkle either salt or crushed garlic onto the lower half, because those items are fatal. After that, the sections will be unable to rejoin and the Manananggal as a whole will perish once the sun rises.

[*] In addition to being vulnerable to salt and garlic, the Manananggal also avoid daggers, light, vinegar, and the tails of stingrays.

[*] Some people believe a black chick lives inside of the Manananggal. The chick eats the innards of its host while keeping them alive.

[*] Others believe you can turn yourself into a Manananggal by chanting a special incantation, anointing yourself with oil, and procuring an egg that contains a black chick.

[*] The Manananggal are commonly accompanied by a Tiktik bird. Its calls are meant to assist the Manananggal and confuse victims.

[*] The Manananggal will fly to the house of a victim, land on the roof, and enter.

[*] To keep the Manananggal away from your home, you can leave pots of uncooked rice, ash, or salt around the vicinity. If they spot any of those items from the roof, they may decide not to enter.

[*] The Manananggal have wide eyes and wild hair. Its teeth have the ability to sprout into fangs and its fingers can change into long, sharp claws.

[*] Although the myth of the Manananggal is most popular in the Philippines, similar folklore creatures can be found in Indonesia and Malaysia.

[*] The word Manananggal comes from the word tanngel which translates to ‘remover’ or ‘separator.’

[*] The concept of the Manananggal appears in several films around the world, such as Manananggal, which is the first Filipino horror movie ever made. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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