40 Girls Dish On The Cutest (Non-Creepy) Way Someone Has Hit On Them

Pickup lines can easily come across as creepy. However, these women from Ask Reddit explain how to hit on someone the right way.
40 Girls Dish On The Cutest (Non-Creepy) Way Someone Has Hit On Them
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1. He asked me about my eyelashes

“Was hanging out with some friends who had an Australian friend staying with them for the week. He got me alone and asked me if my eyelashes were real. I said yes, and he said no way, close your eyes so I can see them. I complied and he kissed me.” — melbell518

2. He helped me with my math homework

“Sitting in a cafe doing homework. I hear a guy go, ‘I’m not trying to weird, I’m just trying to figure out what kind of math you’re doing, because I think you’re doing it wrong.’ He was right and helped me out. Asked me out in a date afterwards and we’re been together 7 years, married almost more than half of that.” — littleredteacupwolf

3. He offered me a chocolate kiss

“He walked up to me, asked if I’d like a kiss, then offered from a big bag of Hershey’s kisses. After that, he walked away.

Had chocolate, had sex.

To clarify (I’ve told this story before and had people confused about how sex happened if he walked away): I approached him soon afterwards. His opener was light and funny, and then he backed off and gave me space to respond on my own terms, which showed he wasn’t pushy.

He offered his chocolate to everyone, too. Not just girls. That really reflected well upon him.” — Gluttony4

4. He stole a line from his friend

‘You have a bit of cute on your face.’

Apparently this was used by both my boyfriend and one of his friends to his current girlfriend. Both gents got the line from a single friend who is still single.” — professor-professor

5. He bought me a drink

“Orders two shots of tequila with lime and hands one to me saying, ‘This is my pickup lime.‘” — Byizo

6. He used a fortune cookie to hit on me

“I was working at a sushi restaurant in a small Texas town. I was serving a group of 3, a couple and their friend. So at the end of the meal the lonely guy (one may call him a neck beard or one of those nice guy types) asks if will open fortune cookies with them. In my head, I’m thinking I hope this gets me a a decent tip.

I open my cookie and it has some generic fortune. I ask him what his says. He replies without missing a beat: ‘Mine says the cute waitress will give me her number.’ I giggled and politely decline saying I have a boyfriend.

It was one of the smoothest pick lines I’ve ever seen used but also from the least likely of people.” — dupreesdiamond1

7. He asked if I found him attractive

“I was at the bar and a guy leaned into the counter, facing me, and said, ‘My friends want to know if you think I’m hot.’ I told him to tell his friends that yes, I do think you are hot. You could tell he didn’t think that far ahead and he started walking away, but it was funny so I bought him a drink.” — butterfly_fister

8. He asked me to hold his hand

“My personal favorite:

Walks up, holds out hand. ‘Hi, would you mind holding this for me while I take a walk in the park?'” — shanto5269

9. He bragged about his cooking skills

‘I can’t cook a good lasagna, but I can cook a great lasagna.’

That got me.” — adulienocqa

10. He asked me for a ride home

“I was a security guard for Seahawks games, and we had to wear yellow jackets, black caps, and black slacks.

At the end of the game, we were going through and clearing out all the drunk people and this one guy I was helping to the door looked at me up and down and said ‘You look like a cab driver… you should take me home’ and then winked at me. Told him it was a great line and to use it on someone else.” — alloroc27

11. He showed me pictures of his dog

“Not exactly a pick up line, but the first time I talked to my husband, he asked me if I wanted to see a picture of his baby girl. He was 19 at the time so I was thinking, ‘Oh wow he’s young to have a baby girl.’ But I said, ‘Sure okay.’ It was a puppy. I don’t know if it was the fact that he referred to his puppy as his baby girl or what but it was instant attraction.” — LameGhost

12. He almost got hit by a car to talk to me

“Not exactly a pick up line and I don’t know the best one but probably the most memorable one though, but we were walking on the street and I spotted this really gorgeous guy and we had instant chemistry. We smiled at each other and dude start immediately crossing the street like an idiot, almost gets hit by a car. The first thing he says at me is ‘Look at that, almost died. Worth it though.’ He was a really sweet and was visibly stunned of actually doing what he did and that you could tell he didn’t thought it through and didn’t know what to do next, his awkwardness made it even more charming.” — helmia

13. He offered me a glass to drink with him

“‘We just ordered another pitcher of beer. I could grab you a glass if you want.’

I used to work in a bar, so I witnessed a lot of pickups and attempted pickups. This one was directed at me (I’d finished my shift), and I married him, so I’d call it reasonably successful.” — buttfluffvampire

14. He made a Dr. Suess reference

“Met a girl, and the first thing I said was, ‘Are you related to Dr. Seuss? Because green eggs and… damn.’

Been together for a few months now, so I guess it worked.” — Vicorin

15. He asked me to come over

“I was the new girl at work and it was a slow day so I decided to get to know my coworkers better.

Me: So what do you do for fun?

Coworker: Why don’t you come over and find out?

We’ve been dating for almost 6 years now.” — indecisive_disorder

16. He messaged me on Tinder

“When I was on Tinder, my default pic was from Halloween the previous year when I dressed up as Ensign Crusher from Star Trek: TNG. I matched with a cute guy, and he messaged me first:

‘Permission to come aboard?’

That was 3.5 years ago, and we now have a dog together.” — bearrington

17. He stole my phone number

“Not a pick up line, but… My freshman year, I was riding home on the bus. A boy stands up behind my seat and asks me, ‘Hey, can I borrow your phone? I forgot my house key and my mom isn’t home’ so I said yes, give him my phone. He hands it back about a minute later, and two seconds after that I receive a text “‘hey :P’ I look up at him, said, “Hey man you got a text I think” and he says, “yeah, it’s from me, My name is _____.” That was 4 years ago. We’re dating now.” — Cyrodiil_Guard

18. He complimented my hotness

“I’m from Arizona. Some guy stopped dead in his tracks and said, ‘Whoa, the temperature today is 110 and I think I just figured out why.’

Mostly it was his confidence and smirk that sold me. But that line was pretty damn good too.” — worstbehaviorrr

19. He asked me to marry him

‘So when are we getting married?’

Guys.. do not walk up to a girl and say this because it could actually work. My boyfriend approached me with this line when we met. Initially I rolled my eyes super hard but now we’ve been together for 4 years and plan to get married next year.” — Waylonbaby

20. He was completely honest

‘Hi my name is John if anyone is looking to make a mistake tonight.’ I wasn’t, but damn I thought that was funny.” — ruthgordon

21. He performed a party trick

“The one that worked the best on me was a guy who had learned a memorization trick where you give them 30 words and they remember each one in order, and recite them back to you after an hour.

It seems way more impressive when everyone is drunk though, and makes a great ice breaker for starting a conversation.” — GreenVoltage

22. He texted me a pick-up line

“I was handling the paperwork and tax explanations for a company that was switching all of their sales people to W2.

I got a text from one of the salesmen that said, ‘Are you my last 1099 check? Because I want 100% of you.’

It didn’t work in the slightest but it did make me laugh.” — DrinkingSocks

23. He used Google Translate to hit on me

“He walked up and showed me his phone, which was on the Google Translate page and showed (in Chinese): ‘Why is a beautiful girl like you eating alone?’

I am Chinese, but was eating alone because I was video chatting my boyfriend.” — Bungororo

24. He bet he could kiss me without touching my lips

“My first kiss was with my best friend at the time in middle school. He bet me a quarter that he could kiss me without touching my lips. I thought he was just going to kiss my cheek or hand or something and say I owed him a quarter, but he really kissed me, pulled a quarter out of his pocket, pressed it in my hand and said ‘worth it.'” — buttersquash23

25. He handed me a flower

“Not exactly a pick up line, but when I was working one day, one of the guests picked a flower from the park’s garden and gave it to me. Simple, sweet and not creepy.” — RinebooDersh

26. He treated me like a Disney princess

“I was walking and my shoe came off(they were slip on) and the guy behind me picked it up and said “Cinderella I found your* glass slipper” embarrassing but cute!” — juilp123

27. He walked over and touched me

“Him: –Comes up and gently touches my hand.

Me: What are you doing…

Him: I’m sorry, you’re just so pretty I had to come see if you were real

Cheesy, but we wound up dancing all night.” — alienscxm

28. He used a cheesy line on me

“Him: My playlist is broken.

Me: What? How?

Him: It doesn’t list you as the hottest single.

Cheesy, but I love stuff like that.” — marsmarsrover

29. He said something completely random

“My husband actually got me with my favorite one. It’s a bit weird, but it worked.

He sat down next to me and said: ‘Fat penguin.’

So I was like, ‘What?’

So he goes, ‘Well it breaks the iced doesn’t it? My name is Steve, and yours must be beautiful.’ He bought me a drink and we’ve been together 5 years.” — UndercoverMartyn23

30. He was shy when he complimented me

“My boyfriend now, on our first date, like stared at the ground and out of the blue really shyly said, ‘Wow, you’re really really pretty.’ That fact that he had like worked himself up to say it and then wouldn’t look at me and said it shyly for some reason made it more genuine. It was simple but I loved it.” — pupsnpogonas

31. He used a million different puns

“This guy was flirting with me so hard, using puns for everything we were doing and all that stuff. I told him if he didn’t stop I was going to throw something at him and he replied, ‘Only if you throw yourself!’ we’ve been married for 3 years!” — callmepebbles

32. She clipped a clothespin to my shirt

“Not a pickup line exactly, but a girl and I kept noticing each other at a club one night. We were both out with friends and it was really crowded, so we never quite made our way to each other ‘til I was leaving. Just before I got to the door, she came up to me and clipped a clothespin to my shirt with her phone number written on it. “So you can’t lose it,” she said. No idea where the hell she got a clothespin, but damn it was charming.

(I am a girl, by the way.)” — Shugazi

33. He called me a model

“Him: Are you a model?

Me: …No.

Him: Oh, when did you quit?

Made me laugh!” — sausagebuttie

34. He used some ridiculous line

“He said, ‘I wish you were my big toe so I could bang you on all of my furniture.’

Didn’t work, but I got a good laugh out of it.” — picklep00ps

35. He saw me dancing and walked over

“One time in Vegas, I was at a pool party dancing with a group of girls (bachelorette party.) I saw a guy watching me dance and eventually he made his way over to me. After talking to him for a couple of minutes and him asking to dance with me, I told him I was married. I told him I had a friend in my group that was single and I was about to point her out when he said, ‘You are the only person I’ve wanted to dance with since I saw you walk in. I’m sure your friend is lovely, but she won’t be you.'” — Jewzzica

36. He used a fake accent

“It wasn’t use on me but I overheard a conversation between this guy with a heavy French accent and some girl I front of me in an economics class. I wasn’t really paying attention till I heard him say, ‘Let me take you out for ice cream, you look like you’d enjoy some French Vanilla’ and I almost died. She said no, and I later found out he wasn’t even French, just very good at accents.” — 9blndtger6

37. He approached me in a bookshop

“I was walking out of a book store when a guy told me I had dropped something. I looked at the floor thinking I had dropped a receipt or something. The guy then replies ‘my jaw.’ My dumbass didn’t realize it until I got to the car.” — liz91

38. He made me laugh

“Guy: Hey, you dropped something.

Girl: What?

Guy: Your standards. My name’s ____.” — billwill11

39. He hit on me at my bakery

“I don’t like when people hit on me at work, but this one made me chuckle. I’m a baker and I was putting some hamburger buns on the shelf. A guy walked up behind me and said, ‘Hey nice buns.’ Simple, but I laughed” — BlNGPOT

40. He was straightforward

‘Hey, you’re beautiful. Can I tell you that again next saturday over dinner?’

Lol maybe cheesy but I guess it worked because we’re married.” — SuddenTerrible_Haiku Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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