33 People Reveal The Reason They Turned Down Someone They REALLY Wanted To Sleep With

If you are looking to get laid, you might want to read through this list of reasons why Ask Reddit users turned down sex, even though the other person was super attractive.
People Reveal The Reason They Turned Down Someone They Really Wanted To Sleep With
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1. She was a pillow princess

“She ended up being a total pillow princess. I ate her out to orgasm then she refused to give me any foreplay whatsoever. When asked why she said for reasons she couldn’t explain so that totally killed the mood. What made it worse was we were friends and on vacation together.” — ConsciousRutabaga

2. She wanted a serious relationship

“I was physically attracted to her but knew she wanted more. We were friends and I knew how much of a headache it would.have caused.” — AmigoDelDiabla

3. His penis looked weird

“His dick looked like it was dipped in cream cheese.” — Fluentount

4. She slept with someone I hated

“I discovered she fucked a person I despise with my whole body, instant turn off.” — JebediahKerman3999

5. I was a virgin

“He had a girlfriend, plus I was in love with him, and he was just drunk and probably didn’t even want me. Oh, and I was also a virgin. If I didn’t turn it down, I’m sure for him it would be just a one time thing he’d prefer to forget once he’s sober, but for me it would just break my heart.” — choulada

6. I was too drunk to perform

“Happened twice with different people. First time she was drunk and had a boyfriend, second time I was too drunk to get it up.” — The_PhilosopherKing

7. She was a terrible kisser

“I kissed her. And she was a terrible kisser. We’d been flirting, both knew we wanted it, found a an opportunity, got to the point of heavy kissing and I felt like a she was trying to eat me or inhale me or absorb herself into me. It killed the erection and any future interest in her.” — putitawayfred

8. He refused to use a condom

“He spent over an hour trying to convince me he didn’t need to use a condom. He complained about it so much that I didn’t trust him not to take it off when I was in a position not to notice.

So I told him the night was cancelled, dropped him off at his hotel (old friend driving through town), and haven’t talked to him since.” — RedShirtDecoy

9. She considered me out of her league

“She said I was way out of her league, and therefore having sex with me would be an accomplishment. I would have done it, if it wasn’t for that sentence alone.” — bboyskullkid

10. She mentioned my ex

“I was with the girl of my dreams, I was literally on the nirvana of my existence.

Then she said something along the lines of: Don’t you think of your ex when you’re doing this? (I was kissing her nips.)

Went ahead but that words and alcohol made my penis a ramen noodle

From there everything went downhill. Sigh how I miss her.” — Terapio

11. She was an abusive ex

“My ex gf was an abusive cunt. After we broke up, I learned that sex with her wasn’t about love but about control and ownership with her.

A week or so after we broke up I went to her house to get some of my things. We made some small talk and stuff. She kept on mentioning how her mom wasn’t going to be back until late and she was being extra flirty with me.

I simply turned her down because I knew if we had sex she would think she still ‘owned’ me. I was very proud of that decision and knew it was the right call.” — Ghostspider1989

12. He used embarrassing pick-up lines

“He wouldn’t stop with the lamest most cringy pickup lines ever. I was already in his apt ready to bone, but he just would not quit, and my ladyboner died.” — AeliaFaustina

13. He wasn’t actually attracted to me

“He uttered the line ‘I’ll be honest, I’m not attracted to you, but I’ll fuck you anyway’. Instantly out.'” — Shadow-Kat-94

14. They had the lowest standards

“When I realized that if it wasn’t me, it’d be anyone else.” — hyperxenophiliac

15. She had just broken up with my friend

“She’d just broken up with her boyfriend (my friend at the time).

She made her intentions well known when she invited me over to her house in front of everyone.

I was a virgin at the time and would have loved to but I couldn’t do that to a friend.” — legendofbaggervance

16. He was a complete jerk

“He was being an asshole but also he didn’t really want me as a person, and it hurt too much even if his dick was magical.” — totallynotawomanjk

17. She used too much tongue

“The last time I’d seen her, she was a great kisser. The next time I saw her, she spent a make-out session shoving her tongue so deep into my mouth I swear she was trying to lick my tonsils.” — stooge4ever

18. She ignored me for months

“Met someone on a dating site.

Met for coffee.
Had a nice time.
She told me to stay in touch.
Reached out twice in the next week. No response. Gave up.

3 months later I quit dating site.
15 minutes later she phone me, drunk.

No. 3 months after the fact. You’ve been stalking me but ignoring me.” — absurded

19. She was on her period

“Menstruation. If my crimson dragon is inhabiting the cave, you can not enter.” — -VelvetBat-

20. She had an STD

“Cockrot. I knew I had an STD, didn’t want to share it, she moved away the next day and the moment never repeated. Shame, but y’know, I didn’t share the rot, so that’s good!” — meehaja

21. She was a creationist

“Found out she was a young earth creationist, I studied biology and firmly believe in evolution through natural selection.” — Guth365

22. He had horrible hygiene

“He needed to wash, badly…” — whinymess

23. She was a virgin

“She was a virgin.

I don’t mean that I wouldn’t have sex with a virgin but beforehand she talked about as if she had sex before and was comfortable with it and when we got hot and heavy and I put the condom on she told me she was a virgin. I felt that if it was going to be her first time we should know each other a bit better.

She was someone who had never had oral or used a vibrator or other sex toys so I bought a cheap one for her and explored her body. We did end up having sex after that and she seemed to enjoy it as she then started nagging me a bunch for more sex. I’ll be honest I couldn’t really keep up with her sex drive.” — aegroti

24. She was completely wasted

“She was totally shitfaced. I really liked her, so if we were gonna bone, I wanted her to be in a state to remember it in the morning.” — NukeTheWhales85

25. I was already dating someone else

“Had a friend/coworker come on to me at her apartment. One day she texts me asking to come over to hang out, which I’d done before and mainly consisted of playing some Mario kart 64 or watching TV. When I get there she answers the door in just her panties and a shirt which totally caught me off guard. While we were watching tv she says her and her boyfriend were in a rough patch of not having sex and she wasn’t too happy with that. She then asks if I can help end that problem for her and starts to rub herself through her panties while staring right at me. I start to freak because as much as I’d wanted to, I had a girlfriend. I tell her I can’t and it wouldn’t be right to both of our S/O’s, even though deep down I wanted to. We proceeded to watch tv for about 10 awkward minutes before I told her I had to leave. Drove home with the bluest of balls that night.” — MasterPoonJab

26. She was too upset

“Girl was beautiful, but very depressed. She just wanted to feel something different and there was lots of crying. I was drunk at the time and still don’t know how I was able to say no.

A couple months later we were both in different places in life. I was newly single she was a lot happier and we did hook up.

Honestly, I may have been depressed by that time (ugly breakup), but c’est la vie, right?” — brightJERK

27. She was a drug addict

“She asked me if I had ever done crack… Then proceeded to tell me how great crack was.” — Fanfiction_Addiction

28. She was married to my best friend

“Friend’s wife… she was very beautiful and would come onto me pretty much any time we were drunk and alone together. I’m not interested in being that type of backstabbing scum.

They’re divorced now, which is good for him.” — tinyhorsesinmytea

29. Her breath was disgusting

“Bad breath, I think she had a dead tooth or something. A shame.” — AceValentine

30. She kept talking about her children

“We were getting hot and heavy on my couch, and as I was taking off her top getting ready to have sex with her she mentioned how she couldn’t wait to introduce me to her kids. I shrugged it off(I knew she was a single Mom). But, every time after that…she’d talk dirty, say something sexy, then she had to mention how I’d get along with her son. Or, she said that I could talk comic books with the boy when I came over. Yup. That killed my lust drive.” — ImNotYourGuyPal

31. We kept getting interrupted

“Her mom came into the room like every 5 minutes.” — Skykresss

32. She wanted children

“She was baby crazy.

Like flat out stating, ‘I want to use you for your sperm and condoms are not an option.’ style.

I was twenty, and absolutely not looking to be a father, so I declined.

So she went and fucked a random guy at a New Years Eve party.” — Cuchullion

33. He used the wrong name

“He called me his own name during foreplay.” — rigel899 Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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