33 Men Reveal The Moment That Made Them Lose Interest In A Woman

Ask Reddit has revealed the biggest dating mistakes women have been making lately.
33 Men Reveal The Moment That Made Them Lose Interest In A Woman
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1. She couldn’t hold a conversation

“I think the biggest thing for me is if a girl can’t hold a conversation. It kills the physical attraction for me almost immediately.” — Lordmonocrona

2. She only cared about herself

“When I realized that after a few weeks she had literally not asked me a single question about myself even once. Seems some people are programmed to socialize irl as if they’re on Twitter where everything out of their mouth is a status update about themselves and they’ve no concept or care about how to carry on a conversation or get to know anyone else.” — YOGZULA

3. She was overly judgemental

“We went out on a nice nature date and she complained that all the men in our town suffered from “Peter Pan Syndrome” and just wanted to have fun and not grow up and get real jobs. We both worked in the low-paying service industry so it was confusing, insulting, and hypocritical, not to mention just overall judgemental.” — ghostori

4. She never put her phone down

“Constantly having her phone in her hand. I couldn’t remember a moment when she didn’t have her phone in her hand. Texting and driving. Texting and checking social media pages while at dinner. There wasn’t a single moment that we had that didn’t have to be documented for others to see.” — aRTie02150

5. She played hard to get.

“When I kept asking her out and she kept saying she was busy, then when I told her if she didn’t want to date me, she just had to say so, she admitted she was playing hard to get. Up to that point, I thought hard to get was just something made up by guys who couldn’t take no for an answer.” — XenothranHero

6. She was a damsel in distress

“She was absolutely helpless at every turn. I don’t know if she was playing damsel in distress or if she truly lacked the wherewithal to get things done, but what really killed her attractiveness was her compete unwillingness to learn simple things that I ready to teach her. She wanted anyone and everyone to do things for her.” — kempsishere

7. She talked shit about her friends

“Hearing how she talks about her ‘friends’ and her sister when they aren’t around. All the time.” — gustofheir

8. She ignored my messages

“When they stopped responding to messages they initiated yet chats with the group chat we’re both in.” — grayscaleneon

9. She drank too much

“Wake up beer. Shower beer. On the way to work beer. Beer. Beer. Beer… alcoholism.” — nineonewon

10. She was turned on by cheating

‘I would never cheat, but cheating/infidelity is soooo fucking sexy.’

I’ve been cheated on 3 times, I don’t find that sexy. She knew I hated the idea too.” — Darktro

11. She dated other girls

“Finding out that she had a girlfriend. I have no problem with gay people or anything, I’m just a guy who knows when to give up.” — IrrelevantDanger

12. She had a big head

“She went around bragging to people that I had a crush on her. Don’t know what y’all think about that, but that’s a douchey move to me.” — TheGreekArmy

13. She faked her laughs

“When she fake laughs. Thats shit is annoying.” — theSecretSecretGuy

14. She used a baby voice constantly

“I had an ex that had troubles saying dick or penis. She liked too use pee pee or Mr peeper. Nothing kills a vibe more than her calling your dick Mr peeper during sex.” — thetannerainsley

15. She expected me to pay for everything

“She asked me for money for a video game console she wants when she has a job and is perfectly capable of paying for it herself. Bitch I’m a human being not your personal money tree.” — aaronk2002

16. She thought she was a princess

“She had that toxic personality trait of, ‘But I am the woman! I am the prize! You should be grateful I am even considering giving you pussy!’ No young lady. You are a prize and so am I.” — NuYawker

17. She drunk texted you

“Texting me about who she was making out with while drunk.” — Snak_The_Ripper

18. She guilt tripped me

“Apparently me and my friends aren’t that fun because whenever we’re being our usual introverted semi-awkward selves she breaks the silence with ‘well this is fun’ or some poop like that. It’s like she’s trying to guilt trip us into being more interesting people.” — takenotesboiii

19. She was involved with someone else

“When she tells me she’s married/has a boyfriend. I have absolutely no interest in competing for a woman, nor will I be a facility for cheating on her husband or boyfriend.” — NRageTheBeast

20. She wanted me to give up my cat

“When she informed me that she hated cats (not allergic, just didn’t like them) and that I’d have to choose between my devoted buddy and her.

She couldn’t believe that my furry friend triumphed – and that I was actually happy to see her go.” — Back2Bach

21. She was racist

“Started saying racist jokes and said, ‘It’s ok, I’m from the south.'” — I-Am-McLovin

22. She was a smoker

“Smokers, always hated the smell even when I smoked but since I stopped I just can’t date someone who smokes. Also it killed my dad I’m not going to willingly watch that again with another loved one if I have control over it.” — DillTicklePickle

23. She took too many selfies

“I went to a concert with this girl and she took about 50 selfies during the show. It would seem that vanity is a major turn-off for me.” — alexs001

24. She cheated in the past

“When she told me she had cheated on her ex boyfriend.” — dusselduck

25. She refused to use condoms

“When she, the most promiscuous woman I’ve dated, dropped the bomb of ‘my religion doesn’t allow contraceptives, and I don’t believe in condoms.’

Bitch, do not talk to me or my penis ever again.” — necromax13

26. She didn’t wash her hands after using the bathroom

“She took a piss and didn’t wash her hands afterward.

It was like that scene from How I Met Your Mother when glass shatters in their mind and they realize all the terrible/annoying/whatever stuff they don’t like the group does.” — RedRaptor2192

27. She was mean

“She was rude and inconsiderate. Not just to strangers but also me.” — NuYawker

28. She had horrible friends

“When she introduced me to her rude, loud, annoying friends.” — general_mola

29. She ordered me around

“Girl I was starting to go out with placed all these demands on me a couple weeks before Valentine’s Day: ‘You’re going to come up to see me, we’ll go out to dinner, you’ll bring me flowers’ was pretty much the gist of the order.

I told her she doesn’t like flowers or chocolate, and she said, ‘I know, but I want them anyway.’ Immediately lost interest. I’m not going to get you something you specifically don’t like just because of some societal construct that’s built over time.” — livezinshadowz

30. She wasn’t intelligent enough

“When I realized she was dumb. I’m not one of those pretentious people who pretends to be sexually attracted to intelligence, but I do want someone on my level I can have a proper conversation with. She also didn’t understand any of my references, even the extremely common ones.” — MGsubbie

31. She was passive aggressive

“Passive-aggression turned up to 11.” — Oudeis16

32. She gossiped about the nicest people

“She started gossiping to me about how ugly someone was… I can confirm that the person was not very attractive, but was also the type of person who would drop what they were doing and drive 50 miles out of their way on a work night if a friend broke down to give them a tow. One of the shortest dates I ever went on, the whole conversation revolved around her.

I was 100% ok when we didn’t contact each other ever again.” — ChannellingR_Swanson

33. She broke my heart

“Ended up being a peice of shit human to me because she knew I had feelings for her and lied and manipulated me into being close

I straight up hate her. She used to be my world. Now she’s a disease” — asshole_commenting Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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