Baby Shower Games

26 Adorable Baby Shower Games To Get Everyone Excited About Your Bundle Of Joy

If you want to throw a party that everyone is going to remember long after the baby is due, then you should include these baby shower games in your schedule.

If you are throwing a baby shower for your best friend, your daughter, or yourself then you want it to be perfect. Even though you are going to spend a lot of time planning the food spread and the color scheme, you cannot forget about baby shower games!

Creative Baby Shower Games

1. Don’t Say Baby. As your guests walk inside, hand them a pin to place on their shirt and tell them they are not allowed to say the word ‘baby.’ If they break the rule then another player is allowed to take their pin from them. The player with the most pins at the end of the party wins a prize!

2. Dirty Diapers. Buy a pack of diapers and place some melted chocolate across them so it looks like baby poop! Then have your guests lick it off and guess which type of candy belongs to each diaper.

3. Guess The Baby Food. Grab a few jars of baby food and rip off the labels. Then have your guests guess what ingredients are contained inside each jar.

4. My Water Broke. Buy little plastic babies and place them in an ice tray so they are trapped in the ice. Then hand out the ice cubes to each guest. The first one who has their ice melt and a baby pop out is the winner!

5. Guess The Baby Game. When you send out invitations, ask everyone to bring a photograph of themselves as a child. During the party you can pass the photos around and see who can guess which photograph belongs to which person.

6. Name That Baby Tune. Play some children’s music and see who is the first to guess what each song is called.

7. The Price Is Right, Baby Shower Edition. Put together a group of items that a baby would need and have guests guess the retail price of each item.

8. One-of-a-Kind Baby Shower Onesies. Buy a bunch of white onesies for the future baby and place markers beside them so the guests can decorate them. At the end of the party, everyone can vote on their favorite!

9. Do You Know What It Is? Fill a bag with random baby-related items. Pass it around and have guests guess what each item is without removing it from the bag or looking down at it, only by touching.

10. The Baby Name Game. Give each guest a piece of paper and see who can write down the most baby names in the shortest amount of time. Give bonus points to whoever includes the name of the future baby!

11. Baby Sketch Artists. You should pass around paper plates and ask all of your guests to draw a picture of what they think the baby will look like. Then have a contest to pick the best drawing.

12. Oh Baby, A Playlist! Ask your guests to write down as many songs as they can think of with the word ‘baby’ in the title. You could also do this with television shows or movies.

Baby Shower Games Based Around The Parents

13. Mommy and Daddy’s Secrets. This game is all about the parents. Ask your guests to answer questions that the mommy and daddy answered ahead of time to see who gets the most correct. You can ask questions like: What do the parents hope their baby grows up to be or What happened the night they conceived this baby?

14. How Old Was She? Have the mommy print out pictures of herself from different years of her life. Then put the photos on display and have everyone guess how old she was during all those different moments.

15. Mom Or Dad? Print out questions on a sheet of paper and have guests answer either ‘mom’ or ‘dad.’ The questions can be something like who is more excited about the baby or who is going to change the most diapers? 

16. Place The Baby On The Mommy. Print out a poster of the mother-to-be with her pregnant belly showing and a miniature poster of the ultrasound. Then play pin the tail on the donkey except this time you should have your guests place the ultrasound in the belly.

17. How Big is Baby? Pass around yarn and a pair of scissors. Have each guest cut a piece of yarn they believe will fit around the mommy’s belly. The closest to the correct size wins a prize!

Physically Active Baby Shower Games

18. Find The Socks! Dump a pair of unmatched baby socks onto the floor and see who can match the most pairs in the shortest amount of time.

19. Drink Up, Baby. Fill a bunch of baby bottles with alcohol (or juice for younger children). Then see who can chug their bottle the quickest.

20. Diaper Derby. Separate your guests into groups and give them a roll of toilet paper. Then have them wrap someone up in a makeshift diaper. The first one to finish wins!

21. Pass The Pacifier. Separate into two lines of two teams and have everyone place a straw in their mouth. Then give the person at the end of the line a pacifier to stick on their straw. The winning team has to pass the pacifier from person to person without using their hands.

22. Bobbing for Nipples. You have probably went bobbing for apples before. This is exactly the same except with bottle nipples. Place them in a tub of water and have guests pick them out with their teeth.

23. Blind Diaper Change. Get a bunch of baby dolls and put diapers on them. Then blindfold your guests and see who can remove the diaper and apply a new one in the shortest amount of time.

24. Yum, Applesauce! Separate everyone into pairs and hand them a jar of applesauce. Blindfold them both and have them spoon feed applesauce to the other person.

25. Pass The Dirty Diaper. This game is exactly like Hot Potato except you are using diapers instead. Play some music, pass the diaper around, and whoever is holding it when the music stop is out.

26. We’re Having A Baby. Hand out deflated balloons. Tell everyone to fill their balloon up with air, tie it, and place it beneath their shirt like they are pregnant. The first one finished wins. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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