Sex Taboo Stories

Taboo Sex Stories: Men And Women On The Most Taboo Thing They’ve Ever Done

Taboo Tales is an Instagram account that has real people write in about there most taboo stories. The slogan of the account is “the more we all talk about how fucked up we are, the more normal we all feel.” Here are some of the best responses we found on the account — many of these are sexual, but some aren’t.

Sex Taboo Stories And Other Taboo Tales

1. I stole my grandmother’s vibratory when I was 15. And yes… Thanks Grandma!!!

2. I jokingly watched midget porn with a friend…I’ve never been so turned on.

3.  I kept a dildo in during a walk in New York City.

4. I have herpes.

5. I had sex in front of a laptop camera while 2,000 people watched online.

6. I met a man at a party. He offered me 10,000 to go to bed with him – I did it.

7. I once broke a guys dick during sex…I was on bottom.

8. I love my husband but I prefer girls (I’m a girl).

9. I’ve had sex with 10 men in my life…I caught an STD from 5 of them.

10. I once told a woman I was gay in order to get out of going on a date with her :(.

11. I ‘lost’ my virginity with my step sister.

12. My family was homeless in high school and I couldn’t tell anyone except my boyfriend or my siblings and I would get kicked out of our school.

13. In high school I dyked out with my best friend in front of a group of guys to earn some Christmas $. Happy Holidays!

14. I used to be addicted to tweezing my armpits. Now I just throw up on occasion.

15. I pick my scabs and eat them.

16. Sometimes I drive and just stick my finger in my clit, chillin like it’s a nice, warm, sensitive pocket.

17. I have a thing for dads and slight beer bellies.

18. I’m often mistaken for a famous comedian. One time I used a case of mistaken identity to have sex with a really hot chick. Lol.

19. I once got called onto the stage at a sex show in Amsterdam. I ended up getting naked and kissing Batman’s cock (in front of the whole audience).

20. I have a permanent hemorrhoid down there and my girlfriend named it Roxy.

21. When I’m constipated, I can only poop if I’m completely naked and listening to inspirational music.

22. I wrote this secret last time but wasn’t brave enough to admit it…I prefer it uncircumcised, even though I’m Jewish.

23. One time I gave my boyfriend’s ‘best friend’ a blow job in someone’s driveway. We weren’t in a car. Just hanging out on pavement.

24. After I work out, my vagina smells like a moldy dish rag.

25. I had a hangover and puked on myself on the 405 freeway during bumper to bumper traffic. People were staring so I pointed to my stomach and mouthed the word ‘pregnant.’

26. I tried to be bulimic in the 8th grade but I realized it was too hard to do so I never became one.

27. I tampered with the data in my graduate research project to match my hypothesis.

28. I really hate children. Unless, of course, they are smart…

29 I fell in love with a death row inmate via writing letters.

30. The only way I’ve ever been able to break up with someone is by cheating on them first.

31. I pooped in the hallway at work after smoking too many cigarettes because I am a nervous person.

32 It doesn’t matter how much I work out or how many salads I eat. I am always unhappy with how my body looks. Quite honestly I love binge-eating sweets.

33. I shit my pants on a date…I was wearing a dress.

34. The more I see of my friends’ parenting, the more I’m convinced they’re not that great at it.

35. Sometimes I pee a little when I laugh. I know that’s not normal…

36. Sometimes when I’m driving to work I think, ‘What if there is a major earthquake right now and my building collapses? Then I wouldn’t have to go to work…’ I always feel very guilty for having this thought.

37. I’m scared to say the phrase yasss queen because I don’t know if I’m using it correctly. What does it mean?

38. I love the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Shhh!

39. I go into See’s candy and ask for a sample but never buy the candy.

40. When I was 16 I got kicked out of Jew camp for doing drug$ #shabbotshalom #challah (it was Camp Ramah)

41. I think candy corn is delicious I mean REALLY delicious in a ‘this is not a joke’ type way. Also, MacGyver is still my hero.

42. When I have a bloody injury, say on my finger, I suck the blood.

43. I accidentally shaved off my eyebrows in high school – and I’m a guy.

44. I couldn’t get hired at Trader Joe’s. I have a degree from USC.

45. I have horrible smelling farts. Like warm your pants, tangible green smoke, burn other nose hairs, lingering like an annoying younger sister farts.

January Nelson is a writer, editor, and dreamer. She writes about astrology, games, love, relationships, and entertainment. January graduated with an English and Literature degree from Columbia University.