Finding The Perfect Influencer Marketing Platform

As content creators, as creatives, as marketers we wanted to find the absolute best influencer marketplace and influencer platform. Here’s our review of a couple of the platforms which can help you in a decision.

Fohr Card

By all means, Fohr was one of the first to the market and is still one of the better tools to use. Our own personal use case is to access the more performant players on Instagram. That means people who have been on Instagram for a while, have a large following and seem to do pretty decent in terms of their communication with their audience.

The biggest thing I wasn’t able to see inside the platform was how well the creative execution was going to be. Or how well a larger brand could potentially interact with the creatives to find a unified branding exercise. Meaning, ensuring the strategy of the brand is properly lined up with the creatives execution.

Popular Pays

I’ve heard this from a few people we’ve worked with, Popular Pays is one of the best platforms when you are looking for large-scale distribution. Meaning, small sums of money spread out across a large channel of influencers. A trend hedge if you will. In these particular cases, it makes perfect sense to approach a campaign in this fashion and Popular Pays has a particularly great dashboard to be able to do this.

The biggest thing I wasn’t able to accomplish is to think about larger brand strategy integration across more specific influencers. I couldn’t find that perfect fit for the voice of the creative campaign and the quantified reasons for why I might get results. That’s a difficult question to answer through software alone.

H – The Hub

One of the most attractive things about this property is that it houses some really unique creators. The focus isn’t exactly on the influencer marketing side per se. Its more so on the branded content development angle. The ability for creatives to be deployed and paired up on challenges which lead to great influential content. Still a great place to visit if you are looking for more of the creative execution without the distribution.


All in all, there are a few great influencer marketing platforms out there but one might service one need while the other might not. We felt the need to answer the question for larger brands. A completely white-glove, tailored experience that’s extremely targeted on both the brand message, the precision of the influencers and the articulation of the creative alongside great quantified metrics. For this, we started our own influencer marketing platform called Collective.World. If you are interested in speaking to us about this opportunity please send a note to

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