Female Warrior Names

50+ Fierce Female Warrior Names

You want your little girl to grow into a strong independent woman, which is why you should consider giving her one of these female warrior names.

Every woman deserves the opportunity to feel as fierce as a warrior. Use these badass girl names as a reference list when searching for baby names. Or, use this list as a guide for character names in your incredible script or novel. By giving your little girl or character names that mean “warrior”, you’re empowering her to grow up and become one. Browse the list of female warrior names below to find the perfect girl names for your warrior princess.

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Female Warrior Names

‘A’ Girl Names

Aoife- This Irish name is derived from the word “aoibh” which means beauty. In an Irish legend, Aoife was a warrior princess.

Armina- A German name meaning “warrior maiden”.

Aella- This Greek name derived from the word “Aellô,” which means storm wind or whirlwind. Aella was an Amazon warrior in Greek mythology.

Audhild- This Norse name means “rich warrior woman”.

Alala- Greek name meaning “war-like” which is why in Greek mythology, Alala was Ares sister and also deemed the personification of the war cry.

Andronika- Feminine form of “Andronikos,” a Greek name standing for “victory of a man/warrior”.

Aife- This name stems from a story where an Irish woman named Aife lived in Scotland with other Druid women. There she trained young Celtic noblemen in the art of love and war.

Ailbhe- This is an Irish/Gaelic unisex name the stems from an Irish legend where Ailbhe was a female warrior of the Fianna.

‘B’ Girl Names

Bellona- Derived form Latin, this Roman name comes from the word “bellum” which means “to fight”.  In Roman Mythology, Bellona was a goddess of war even before Mars and Ares.

Beadu- A Norse baby name meaning “warrior maid”.

Beda- A Welsh name meaning “warrior maid”.

Borghildr- This Old Norse name means “helpful battle maid” exemplified in mythology by Borghildr, the goddess of the evening mist who slayed the sun each night.

Berrma- A Teutonic name meaning “outstanding warrior maiden”.

Brunhilde- In Scandanavian folklore, Brunhilde was a royal maiden whose power reigned even farther than the sea.

‘C’ Girl Names

Cahira- An Irish name meaning “warrior”.

Camilla- A Roman name that exemplifies the warrior maiden and Volsci queen, Camilla, from mythology.

Cammi- A French derived name meaning “free-born and noble”. In Virgil’s Aeneid, Cammi was the swift-running warrior maid.

Ceallach- This Gaelic name stands for “warrior maid”.

‘E’ Girl Names

Enyo- This Roman name represents Enyo, the goddess of war that was constantly covered in blood, holding weapons, and known as the “waster of cities”.

Eferhild- An English name meaning “bear” or “warrior maiden”.

Edwige- A French name that stands for “war”.

‘G’ Girl Names

Gertrude- A German name that means “spear of strength”.

Gerry- Full name, “Geraldine”, stems from the masculine name “Gerald” which means “ruling spear”.

Gerta- This Teutonic baby name means “warrior”.

Gertraud- A Teutonic name standing for “warrior”.

‘H’ Girl Names

Harimanna- A German derived name meaning “warrior maiden”.

Hildegunn- This Norse derived name means “warrior woman”.

Hilda- This name has several derivations from English, German, Norse, Swedish, and Teutonic. The Anglo-Saxon meaning is “war”; the English meaning is “battle maid”; the German meaning is “battle”; the Norse meaning is “Valkyrie“; the Swedish meaning is “fighter”; the teutonic meaning is “battle maiden”.

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‘I’ Girl Names

Ildiko- This Teutonic name stands for “warrior”.

‘K’ Girl Names

Kerta- A Teutonic derived name meaning “warrior”.

Kelley- A Gaelic name meaning “lively” or “aggressive”.

Kayleigh- An English derived name meaning “keeper of the keys” or “pure”.

‘L’ Girl Names

Lois- This name has several derivations from the Bible, French, German, Teutonic, and America. The biblical derivation is “better”; the French derivation is from the German name “Helewidis” meaning “hale and wide”;  the German derivation is “feminine famous warrior”; the Teutonic derivation is “holy”; and the American derivation is “holy”.

Liusaidh- This Gaelic name means “warrior”.

Lace- This French name is derived from “Lacey” which at one point was a French Nobleman’s surname.

Louella- This French name stands for “famous warrior” and “renowned fighter”.

Louise- Derived from French, German, and Teutonic, this name means “famous warrior”, “renowned fighter”, or “famous in war”.

Luria- An English name meaning “brave lioness”.

Loyce- A strong German name meaning “renowned warrior”.

Luana- The German derivation of this name means “graceful battle maiden” while the Hawaiian derivation means “content” or “happy”.

Luijzika- This strong German name means “renowned warrior”.

‘M’ Girl Names

Myrina- This Greek name represents woman who are strong like “an Amazon”.

Marcella- The French, Latin, and Teutonic derivations of this name all mean “warring”.

‘O’ Girl Names

Owena- This Welsh name stands for “young warrior”.

‘P’ Girl Names

Ptolema- This Greek name is the feminine form of Ptolemy which means “aggressive” or “warlike”.

‘R’ Girl Names

Ragna- A Norse name meaning “goddess” or “warrior”.

Romilda- This Teutonic name means “glorious battle maiden”.

Ragnild- The Norse derivation of this name means “goddess” or “warrior” while the Teutonic derivation means “wise strength”.

‘T’ Girl Names

Toril- This Norse name stands for “Thor-inspired fighting”.

Truda- This German baby name means “fighting woman”.

‘V’ Girl Names

Valda- The German derivation of this name means “power” or “rule” while the Teutonic derivation is “spirited in war”.

‘Z’ Girl Names

Zelda- A German name that means “gray fighting maiden”.

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