100+ Funny Oxymorons That Will Make You Giggle (And Feel Smart)

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Act naturally

Accurate estimate

Anxious patient

All alone

Alone Together

Almost exactly

Absolutely unsure

Awfully good

Awfully nice

Bad health

Bankrupt millionaire

Baggy tights

Bad luck

Baby giant

Big baby

Bright shade

Bright night

Business casual


Calm storm

Certainly unsure

Clean coal

Clever fool

Clearly confused

Clearly misunderstood

Close distance

Common sense

Consistently inconsistent

Conservative Liberal

Deliberate mistake

Deaf listener

Devout atheist

Diminishing growth

Divided unity

Dim light

Dry ice

Dull shine

Educated guess

Exact estimate

Explicit innuendo

Express line

Extensive briefing

Extremely average

False fact

Farewell reception

First conclusion

Foreign national

Found missing

Forgotten memories

Freezer burn

Friendly war

Fuzzy logic

Future history

Girly man

Giant dwarf

Going nowhere

Good grief

Greater evil

Guaranteed forecast

Grape nuts

Halfway done

Hard curve

Hasten slowly

Harmless lie

Hollow point

Holy hell

Honest thief

Horse fly

Huge shortage

Hot chili

Icy hot

Initial conclusion

Initial results

Insane logic

Intense apathy

Irate patient

Jumbo shrimp

Liquid gas

Literal interpretation

Live recording

Living dead

Long shorts

Loud silence

Man child

Mandatory volunteering

Minor crisis

Modern tradition

Near miss

New classic

Noble savage

Normal deviation

Numb feeling

Numbing sensation

Open secret

One choice

Original copy

Outer core

Organized chaos

Oyster crackers

Paid volunteer

Partially destroyed

Passive aggression

Political science

Pretty ugly

Plastic glasses

Peace force

Pool table

Positively wrong
Pure evil

Quiet noise

Questionable answer

Random logic

Real phony

Recent history

Reckless caution

Relative stranger

Resolute ambivalence

Required donation

Rolling stop

Round edges

Rubber cement

Seriously chill

Same difference

Sanitary landfill

Small crowd

Soft rock

Sweet sorrow

Sad clown

Science fiction

Second best

Sit up

Soft rock

Small fortune

Spoken thought

Stand down

Steel wool

Subtle exaggeration

Tense calm

Terribly pleased

Tight slacks

Toll free

Thunderous silence

Tranquil fiesta

True lies

Unbelievably real

Upside down

Unusual routine

Unknown identity

Uncommonly normal

Vanilly fudge

Virtual life

Virtual reality

Working vacation

War games

Whole half

Whole part

Wise fool

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