Our Fav Youtube Couple Just Broke Up And We Officially Don’t Believe In Love Anymore

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We were rooting for you, we were all rooting for you.

Now that we got that off of our chests, we’d just like to inform you, a day before Valentines day, that we no longer believe in love. This new revelation is brought to you by the recent breakup of our most cherished YouTube couple, Eva Gutowski and Adam Bartoshesky.

The pair met through mutual friends, and the internet was quickly hooked on how perfect they seemed for eachother. From their humour, to their love of fashion, photography, to the way they acted in vlogs – everything seemed to be aligned in that twin flame kind of way. It was never forced. It just worked, and we were overjoyed for Eva because she has showcased her breakups on social media in the past and we just wanted to see her find something real. Watching their YouTube videos left us with the feeling that love existed and that no matter what we’ve been through, we’d all one day find our Adam.

I mean, they were goals.




But a few weeks ago, fans started to notice that the couple was no longer traveling together. Photos of the pair were being deleted, and there were posts that made us wonder if they were calling it quits. Then, Adam posted a vague, yet shattering, Instagram caption that gave us a little insight into why it may have ended.

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Two people can be perfect for each other. They can be intertwined down to the core of their souls, yet among this perfection, there can still be things that do not allow the relationship to flourish like it deserves to. Time is in constant motion and it does not always work in your favor. The timing may not be right, even if everything else is. Life is a crazy thing. One chapter can have you feeling higher then you have ever been- a seemingly endless fairytale, but the next one can just as easily knock you off your feet. This being said, the beautiful thing is that if you keep moving forward life has a weird way of working itself out. You shouldn't dwell on chapters with sad endings, because everything that has happened has shaped you into the person you are today, and you will take that into the next chapter with you. Life is the longest book that exists, and it will continue to write itself. Even if two people must spend a few chapters apart, if everything is truly meant to be they will surely find each other again in a future chapter. Always with love. xX, Adam

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Though beautiful, these tweets from Eva shed a different kind of light on the situation. It seems as if the breakup wasn’t as mutual as Adam wanted everyone to believe.

Excuse us while we go cry into the Valentine’s day chocolate we bought for ourselves. TC mark


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