It Apparently Costs Around $338,640 To Send Your Fav Beauty Bloggers On Those Epic Brand Trips You’ve Been Seeing All Over YouTube

You read that right.


After seeing some of our favourite brands like Tarte and Benefit taking popular beauty bloggers on luxurious trips around the world, we had to ask — “Ok, but how much does this cost?”

Thankfully, Revelist did a little price breakdown.

First Class Flights: $192,000

According to Revelist, assuming Tarte takes nine bloggers on vacation, some with partners, that’s 16 business class flights. A business class flight from LAX to Tahiti, for example, is around $12K per person. Added all up, airfare may cost $192,000.

Charter Planes: $12,000

Because past vacations have taken influencers to hard to reach tropical destinations like Bora Bora, most influencers have to take a second flight. On the Bora Bora trip, Tarte hired a charter plane to take its 12 VIPs from Tahiti to the final destination. Based on five quotes Revelist sourced, hiring a charter plane for that flight would cost an average of $12,000.

Luxury Hotel Stay: $80,000+

Laura Lee confirmed that on the Bora Bora trip, the influencers all stayed in overwater villas. Her vlog showed her staying in the one bedroom suite, which costs $2K per night. Assuming it’s a 16-person blogger party again, plus 4 Tarte PR staff, that’s 10 suites. For four nights, Revelist estimates the accomodation alone to cost around $80,000.

Food & Drink: $16,360

This number is estimated based on the average cost of room service and a private dinner at the three hotels last tripped to by Tarte. Broken down it looks like this:

Private breakfasts for 20 = $3,680
Private dinner parties with entertainment = $12,680
TOTAL = $16,360

Misc. Activities: $14,280

Assuming there are two of these events per day for three days, Revelist estimates a per-head cost of $119 for snorkelling, chartered boats, etc. All together, that’s $14,280.

Brand Swag: $24,000

This one is tricky because these trips usually revolve around one product launch. However, influencers are also given hats, bathing suits, T-shirts, backpacks and bags, customized robes, sunglasses, etc. Revelist watched vlogs and estimated the swag bags given to these bloggers. They suggest that Tarte may be gifting each influencer $2,000 goodie bags. 12 influencers per trip = $24K.

Estimated Paychecks: $??? – 11k

One PR source, who does not work for Tarte, told Revelist that a makeup brand she works for paid an Instagram influencer $11,000 to go to an event for them. It is also assumed that many influencers are paid to go on these elaborate trips, and are compensated for their time, their social media posts, commission on products, etc.

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