Eva Gutowski Is Slaying Life Right Now — And We Are So Here For It

We’ll admit it – we have a soft spot in our hearts for Eva Gutowski. So when we caught wind that she may be dealing with a broken heart, our hearts broke a little as well. Not one to ever shy away from expressing herself, we’ve grown to respect Eva for always talking about these hard life experiences, and it’s not just us who appreciates it. With millions of young fans, just by being transparent and vulnerable, Eva is helping thousands and thousands of women and men who have gone through the same thing.

And though right now she is absolutely breaking the internet with empowered photos and captions like these:

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So often we find ourselves in a hole because we begin to focus on what we don’t have. That very thought can consume a person until they go mad. I’m not an expert on happiness, but i think i figured out that for me, it’s all about my perspective on life. Each day i wake up and i make the conscious choice to either think “ugh, i wish i ate healthier and i wish i knew how to play the guitar and i wish, i wish, that i could make some new friends”, but instead i say “let’s get up and try a new smoothie recipe, and let me find someone to teach me something I’ve always wanted to learn, and let me say hello to a new person today and see if we have a connection”. Every moment you have is a moment to enjoy your life and take your life into your own hands. I guess that’s why i lay on a beach naked with the friends I’ve made from changing my perspective on life. I guess I lay naked in the sand to feel the life that the universe breathed into me, It’s the least i can do to thank it. ✨

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It’s the most special feeling; to feel you have your whole life figured out. To know indefinitely, all the answers that you’ve ever sought. To know who you love, who you are, and to believe that you know who you’ll have forever. But then things change. Life flips you upside down and says “wait a second, you aren’t done yet.” Life tells you in the harshest way “you stupid fool, let me show you how much life I have in store for you”. And even though change when you didn’t exactly ask life for a change is scary, it’s bound to happen. To you; I am a gift. I am a blessing. I am a woman of many colors. I love unconditionally. I know how beautiful I am, and will never allow myself to think otherwise. Your soul is beautiful, i hope you know that i could never forget that. You have lost something i only pray you find will again.

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I keep thinking I’m done growing, and in a sense, I believe that to be true. I know who I am. I know what I love. I know the things that fill me with passion. But every so often, I need a recharge. I need something to kick me in the butt and say “hey stop sitting down on all those passions! Dance again! Surf the scariest wave! Show people what you believe in!”. I think we all need that. Sometimes it easy to get comfortable and forget who you even are. But I want to be myself at my best. I want to show you what I love. I want to show myself why I am, who i am, again. All I ever aim to do is inspire anyone who looks up to me, and to do that, I need to give you a better glimpse into my life. So from now on, I’m recharged, and I’m going to live my life with no fear.

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This is the rebirth of myself. This is the reflection of a beautiful era of my life, and the recharge I feel going forward. My soul is itching to be expressed. I’m so ready to show you more of my life, more of what I love, and more of who I am. I’ve always believed that if we aren’t living to help others, we aren’t truly living. I want to live through that belief every day. I care passionately about SO many things; our environment, our brothers and sisters of the universe, our personal growth as humans. I want you to know what I’m passionate about, and from here on out I’m going to try my best to show you ❤️Thank you for being there for me though it all. You guys are awesome, (some of you have followed me for half a decade!!), and I love you all SO much. Lets have a badass 2018 ❤️🌹🌿 xx- Eva

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Eva is also showing a side of herself that is helping many others to feel okay in their sensitivity, and their hearts. She is being honest about being vulnerable, about loving, and about giving so much of herself to others. However, she never discounts that — she only encourages people to open up no matter what they have been through, and to move forward even after being hurt. She is an incredible example of healing — putting her experiences to use and letting them inspire her to write music, and to create things that come from the deepest parts of who she is. She is exploring what ignites her, and she is setting an example for others who may not know how to pick up the pieces after losing someone they cared about.

If that isn’t the definition of an incredible role model, we don’t know what is. TC mark

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