A Drugstore Serum Completely Transformed This Makeup Artist’s Skin And We Can’t Believe Our Eyes

We know that acne can be one of the hardest things to clear up when it comes around. From hormonal breakouts, to chronic issues, the search for the perfect product is always daunting. Enter Antonio Bermudez — the makeup artist who is the subject of this incredible before and after:

In 2016, Bermudez started his skin journey. He would wake up with his skin bleeding from acne, and used every product that promised “perfect” skin to no avail. That was until he found No7 Early Defence Glow Activating Facial Serum, which he now considers the star of his routine. Bermudez swears it helps to give him a natural glow, and inserts radiance into his skin. It’s infused with brightening ingredients, like vitamin C and ginseng, which help with dark spots and dullness.


The greatest part? It’s $30 at Ulta.

Looks like our skincare prayers have been answered. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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