17 Weird Things That Will Make Someone Your Best Friend In 2017


1. Excessive meme sharing.
“Sending memes” should be written into the 2017 edition of the Five Love Languages as the 6th and most obvious one. You can sustain an entire relationship in 2017 by just sending each other memes and writing either “you” or “me” or “us.”

2. Someone who will stop to not only take a photo of you somewhere, but who will do it at the angle that you prefer, and take multiple shots until you approve. Even if you aren’t one of those people who posts photos of themselves every day, when the time comes for that opportune shot of you in front of a coffee shop sign or a mountain you complained about as you kind of hiked, your best friend better be there to make you look so good, you appear only fractionally similar to how you do in person.

3. Having the same “hot takes” on nuanced political issues.
In 2017, anybody who agrees with you on anything is immediately in the “I like you” zone, anybody who says “YES, THANK YOU” to your (admittedly unoriginal) hot take on some layered, complicated issue is automatically upgraded to “BFF forever” status.

4. Tagging each other in video clips of exotic travel destinations and writing “can we please?” Facebook is a minefield of these, and it starts to make it seem like spending a month in Thailand is just something people do, rather than an extreme privilege.

5. Communicating exclusively via emoji. What even are words?

6. Blindly liking every single thing that they post without even really looking at what it is. Your best friends could post a photo of a dead body and you’d be like *double tap* before you even realized what it was.

7. Someone who thinks that staying in with you is as much fun as going out because going out, despite it’s virtues, is also exhausting, expensive and you’ve got a 70/30 shot of it either being the “best night ever” or miserably disappointing.

8. Someone who openly likes the kinds of fast food you do. Being “healthy” is cool now, but your best friends are the ones that are like, “Everyone else I know is vegan, will you go to McDonald’s with me?”

9. Someone who is into the same health/fitness stuff you are. Your CrossFit/yoga/juice bar friends are family, and you are your cleanest-eating, spiritually-awakened, rise-and-grind self in front of them.

10. Being almost inappropriately transparent about your emotional issues. You can differentiate your best friends from everyone else by how you answer the question: “How are you today?” If the answer is “I’m good, what’s going on with you?” they are an unimportant acquaintance. If it is “Well, I am having a breakdown, I cried for an hour last night, I don’t think I’m in the right career, and I need a drink,” that is your best friend.

11. Your oversharing apexes with your BFF. If you think that people overshare online, you have not come across two best friends in 2017. There is nothing that’s off the table (this is as it should be, honestly).

12. You share articles with each other that are like, “Here’s why girls with anxiety are the strongest.” It is through relatable headlines that we express deep understanding of one another these days.

13. You share multiple accounts, including but not limited to Netflix, HBO Go, and Amazon Prime. That subscription may only be $10 a month, but it is $10 a month you are simply not willing to spend when you and 3 other people you know could all use your one friend’s parent’s account.

14. You find the same weird Vine posts hilarious, or you both subscribe to that one YouTuber who just posts random rant videos that you can’t stop watching for reasons you still, to this day, do not understand.

15. You’re friends with each other’s parents on Facebook, and actually appreciate when they like every single thing you post.

16. You know exactly what they are talking about when they say: “Did you see that thing [so-and-so, a person we both dislike] posted?” Disliking the same people is usually a staple in friendship (it’s sad, but true) but now it’s about understanding precisely what you commonly dislike, and expressly pointing it out via their social media accounts.

17. You could see yourself being friends with this person for the rest of your life. 2017 is about quality over quantity, and your true best friends are the ones you can imagine looking back on your 2010s social media accounts with and saying “remember when we said ‘fleek’ and were serious about it?” Thought Catalog Logo Mark

January Nelson is a writer, editor, and dreamer. She writes about astrology, games, love, relationships, and entertainment. January graduated with an English and Literature degree from Columbia University.

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