YouTubers Are Recording Themselves Eating 10,000 Calories And We Can’t Look Away

Nick Palladino
Nick Palladino

A famous trend on Youtube is taking food porn to a seriously new level.

Instead of simply uploading popular “What I Eat In A Day” videos to the platform, famous YouTubers are raking in some serious views by taking on the 10,000 Calorie Challenge. In order to complete the challenge, you have to consume all calories within 24 hours, and you must do so without accounting for liquids (smoothies, heavy sauces, etc) that are often calorie dense, which is considered cheating.

A lot of YouTubers have tried and failed, and it doesn’t really matter because the videos of their struggling attempts are equally as entertaining as their successful pursuits. Some focus on eating a lot of healthy foods in order to accumulate their calories, but this leaves them eating every few minutes which is difficult. Others focus on the unhealthier foods in order to eat the absolute most calories per meal, without having to eat 20 meals within the day.

Either way — we can’t stop watching.

Some people start off with a dozen donuts at 5am

Others choose to eat a whole pizza in one sitting

Some are models who eat their 10,000 calories for breakfast

While other literally don’t seem affected (he does this every week)

Some YouTubers eat their bodyweight in cereal

Or Cheetos

Or Hot Pockets

And some fail miserably

But we still applaud anyone who even attempts to do this. Mainly because it provides us with hours of entertainment, and mainly because it makes us feel better about ourselves. Thanks YouTube! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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