10 Clever Last Minute Costume Ideas For Anyone On A Budget

House of Cards
House of Cards

Picasso’s Blue Period

Wear all blue. Buy a box of tampons and color each one with a blue marker and then pin them all over your top and bottom.

The Last straw

Wear whatever you want and staple exactly one plastic straw to the front of your outfit.

A Grain of salt

Wear whatever you want and tape exactly one grain of salt to your front.

14 Carat Gold

Wear orange, tie a string of 14 carrots around your neck.

5 Carat Diamond

Wear all white, tie a string of 5 carrots around your neck.

A Freudian Slip

Wear your nicest slip and DIY a monocle out of a piece of string and a cardboard circular cutout.

50 Shades of Grey

Wear as many different shades of grey as possible.

House of Cards

Wear jeans and a t-shirt. Staple playing cards onto your top in the outline of a simple house. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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