6 Books I Imagined Writing While Stuck On The Q Train

source: Rian Castillo

1. We Will Be Moving Shortly: Learning to See Through Lies

2. Stand Clear of the Closing Doors: One Woman’s Race Against Time

3. Please Get Your Elbow Out of My Kidney: A Rush Hour Romance

4. Showtime!: The Unbelievable True Story of Four Kids, a Boombox, and a Dream

5. Stuck Underground: Relaxation Techniques for the Claustrophobic Commuter

6. Train Traffic Ahead of Us: Learning to Put Yourself First TC mark


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    […] Us New Yorkers woke up this morning to find our city covered in alternate piles of dingy snow and shin-deep lakes of slush.  I have a pair of fairly serious snow boots, and not even they permitted me to make it through the enormous slush puddle that had accumulated on the street next to the my apartment.  I had to toddle in traffic alongside its edges like everyone else.  For reasons that mystify me, the snow/slush also threw a wrench in the public transportation system, and this morning’s commute was one of the worst in recent memory.  (I’m adding Sorry My Arm Is On Your Head, and Other Stories About the Suspension of Human Dignity on Public Transportation to my list of imaginary subway-related books titles.) […]

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