Don’t Pretend That You’re Not Excited For Season Two Of Girls


I feel so much second-hand embarrassment for people who feel the need to justify why they like Girls, as if it’s an actually terrible show like Two And A Half Men or Small Wonder (the sitcom from the ’80s that was about a small robot child). The criticism that surrounded the first season of the show—while occasionally important and valid—was basically the result of a bunch of sensitive 20-something Brooklyn bloggers being upset that someone a year younger than them wrote a show that depicted something close to their life–or, in some cases, didn’t resemble it. With Lena, it always seems like she’s dammed if she does and dammed if she doesn’t. The Internet has made everything so noisy that it’s hard to just enjoy something like Girls on its own without thinking of the million articles you’ve read about it that have pointed out each and every flaw. So, going in to season two, can we just have an open mind and agree that the Internet ruins everything? Thanks.

Anyway, by the looks of the trailer, season two is shaping up to be very interesting. We have the amazing Andrew Rannells reclaiming his role as Elijiah, Hannah’s ex-boyfriend from college who is now her gay roommate. Marnie (Allison Williams) continues her anti-Tracy Flick descent into Millennial darkness, even prompting her mother, played by Rita Wilson, to comment that she looks 30. Meanwhile, Adam is recovering from getting hit by a car and apparently using his convalescent time to terrorize and stalk Hannah. My, how the tables have turned with those two!

This looks great. I’m so happy to have these ladies back in my life. My Sundays were so empty and meaningless without them. Starting January 13, I am guaranteed to have intense feelings once a week. TC Mark

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