Brokelandia Tackles Bikram Yoga

They’re baaaack! In this installment of Brokelandia, the Brokelyn crew takes us into the intimidating, nebulous world of bikram yoga. As someone whose experience of yoga is limited to that of the Wii Fit variety, I can proudly declare: THIS. This is exactly what yoga is like (to someone who has no effing idea what yoga is like). Possibly, it’s what yoga is like for people who actually do yoga… you won’t be hearing it from me. TC mark

image – Brokelandia


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  • guest

    Not accurate at all. And only mildly funny.

  • raymondthimmes


  • J

    not at all funny. bikram yoga might be tough but it’s definitely not exclusive – that defeats the whole purpose of it. and there are a lot more than just the two poses they were poorly doing. not funny, terrible representation of hot yoga on the whole.

  • AKC

    I do Moksha which is similar to Bikram…I find this video sketch unfunny and insulting to the practice. Hot yoga has changed my life for the better and no yogi is dick like the dumb blonde in the video. They could have poked fun at the amount of sweat, slipped farts or different awkward poses, not this sorry excuse for humor. Clearly none of these people do yoga. I’m embarrassed for these people.

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  • Alaina

    So, what is the song played in the beginning?????

  • kiwi


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