Is This Feminist?

Today in things that are both simple and mind-numbingly complex: feminism. Simply put, a feminist is someone who believes in equal rights for women: political, economic, and social. Not so difficult, right? But go beyond the simpleton explanation and things get a little… hairy. (GET IT? BECAUSE FEMINISTS DON’T SHAVE THEIR ARMPITS? LOL.) Seriously though — at its root, the feminist cause is one most civilized first-worlders agree with — it’s just that there are implications beyond the broader definition. And those implications tend to confuse people who don’t have a Masters in gender studies. Luckily, Is This Feminist? is here to help.

Is This Feminist? helps you parse whether or not a specific behavior is considered feminist. Hint: these scenarios are mostly never, ever feminist. Still, in the words of the brain behind the blog, “…being a marginally acceptable feminist is a full time job.” So study up and stay out of trouble. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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