Deer Breaks Into Home, Showers, Dies

Today in news that is only hilarious if you’re detached and vindictive: a deer crashed through the front door of an Indiana home this morning, then ran to the bathroom where it drew a bath (presumably to relax). This is funny so far, right? Okay, good. Now here’s where it gets grim: the couple, who had to taser the deer to remove it from their home, had just finished renovating the bathroom (which was effectively destroyed by the deer’s shenanigans). Also, the deer died from injuries obtained during the break-in. In my heart I know I shouldn’t laugh, but I’ve watched deer die in less glamorous fashions and I kind of think this deer went out in a blaze of glory compared to his… peers, for lack of a word that doesn’t rhyme with deer. The full story… here:

image – kkirugi

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