I Like All The Boys Too Soon

I Like All The Boys Too Soon

I like all of the boys too soon
I sigh
by the lick of the yellow flames
red coals burning
hot enough that they’ve been burning while I’m sitting here alone
in my head
if you were sweet on me
you’d be here
you’d have knocked on my wooden gate
with a smile as big as Texas
as I lie beside the fire
pretending to read books
or listen to music
or hear the frogs sing
and you’d fall into me
with the attentiveness I always dream of
it’s so hard when you’re a real live princess living in the 21st century
especially when the toads that could be princes don’t even show up to be kissed
they don’t understand my romanticism
and I don’t understand there lack thereof
I am here to be kissed
and I want one with stars as large as Jupiter in his eyes for me
whose just a fool for it all as me. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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