You're So Important — Don't Give Your Power Away

You’re So Important — Don’t Give Your Power Away

I just want to remind you tonight that you are important. And if anyone isn’t making space for you—it’s not about you. None of how anyone ever treats you is about you—I promise.

If anyone ever told you that your needs were too much, or that you’re needy or that you’re crazy for feeling—I just want to tell you tonight that needs are part of being human and that in a secure relationship someone will derive great joy in treating you like royalty. That any opportunity to meet your needs will be something that is exciting and that they desire because they choose you and see your light and wish to make you happy and believe that they have a responsibility over your emotional well being.

I know our world tells you to be independent and to not need too much and to not be clingy and to not be vulnerable and to play games to see if they care—but that’s not what it’s about.

What it’s about is calling someone (even if you’re crying) and saying, “I’m feeling sensitive that you didn’t make time for me. I really need….”.

Go first, darling. And lead with your courageous heart. Give them a chance to show up, and if they don’t show up—hold yourself with such love, the love that you are and we all are—for it was never about you.

You were worthy of love from the first moment you were born—please fall asleep tonight with whispers in your ear of how important you are.

God, you’re so important—don’t give your power away and make it about you.

Keep your power beating in your chest like sunshine.

I love you, goodnight. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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