There’s An Orange Monkey For A President And A Bunch Of Other Orange Monkeys Sitting Around Him

There’s an orange monkey for a president and a bunch of other orange monkeys sitting around him.

Brett Kavanaugh—you are guilty.

Christine Ford, you are courage. You are light. You are healing.

You are the flashlight for the pain and suffering that is bubbling to the surface of our world.

You are a pillar for the women who forget that they have legs to stand upon.

I know many women who have been sexually assaulted in Canada and abroad—black eyes, shoved against walls who bit their tongue—thank you for not biting your tongue.

The hands, voices and dicks of those who sexually assault should not be roaming free—and they do.

To my friends, the women who follow me, my sister, my someday daughter and their someday daughters—may you hold the people who wrong or harass you with fierce accountability.

May you know that you are sacred and more so that you are RIGHT.

That even if you kissed him at one point, that even if you’ve been married to him for 15 years that if you say no, it means no.

And if he crosses that line, may you gain the courage from Christine Ford to stand and crucify that mother fucker for what he deserves.

May all the orange orangutans scratching their armpits and making absolute fools out of themselves at the hearing this week be crucified.

And may we also thank these times where the darkness comes into the light to know that the flashlights are being shone on the suffering that has always existed in our world.

That the times are not just fucked up now, but they have been fucked up always and just now are we seeing it for what it is.

These villains represent the suffering of our world—the most horrendous kinds and we need to see that suffering and choose it before our planets eyes are stretched wide open and we can’t not choose growth.

Trump will go down, Kavanaugh will go down and so will all the other villains and later we will thank them for shedding a light on the disgrace but it’s not time for that yet.

It’s time to rage, and it’s time to be brave.

Thank you Christine Blasey Ford—thank you for doing the work that our generation needs, that our grandmothers needed and that our daughters will need. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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