Mice Do Not Deserve To Sit In The Company Of Lions

Brandon Woelfel

this is the ultimate abandonment

the flames of the fire only started to flicker

mountains away

and you ran

you ran and you didn’t look back

the flames could have been a mirage

or put out with a single drop of rain

but all I saw were the soles of your feet


as I called

the sound the feet of cowards make

if you are to run when the flame has not even touched the heels of our feet

how could you withhold a forest fire?

how could you hold a flood?

how could you hold what partners behold when you are partners?

now I am alone

and it is silent

and there are tears and it is sad

but tomorrow when I wake I will feel different

because mice do not deserve to sit in the company of lions. TC mark

Janne Robinson

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