How To Be A Vegan, And Not Be An Asshole

Ali Kaukas

I got to experience a special moment of male machismo jerkism (localism) today in the water where a local was a raging asshole to the sweetest man.

It gave me some great clarity on my current war against vegans that was never against vegans (I’ve received over 2000 messages and comments about my reply post to people seeing me help a street dog and then saying I couldn’t be an animal activist because I eat meat).

There are just some humans who are assholes—it isn’t about being a local, or being a vegan, it’s about being an asshole.

I respect a lineup when I paddle out at a new break and in a new country, I observe and you can tell who lives there—that’s cool. Respecting locals and respecting beliefs and diets is great in my book.

But when people are assholes and hide behind something that’s when we make wide sweeping generalizations that “the locals are assholes at that break” or “vegans are dicks”.

Be a vegan, fuck yeah—my moms a vegan, one of my grandmas was a vegan. Being a vegan is fucking great for this planet. I’m fucking glad you’re a vegan—awesome! I support you.

Yes! It’s great for this earth and cattle pollution and trauma from factory farms—yesssssss. I’ve read the articles. I’ve seen the documentaries. I’ve read the books.

Boo yeah—you rock.

But, when we start to take our passion about our beliefs and instead of turn that passion into activism and change and instead shame, bully and belittle others who do activism in a different way—well that’s just assholeism.

I am an animal activist. I have dedicated MUCH of my life to animals and at this current moment, am.

I eat meat. I’ve been vegan and vegetarian and pescatarian.

My diet (personally) has zero to do with my love and passion and volunteering in a rabies campaign in Guatemala with my hand covered in a latex glove shoved up some wild dogs ass after he’s had his balls clipped.

I do the things, and love the animals.

I do the things different then some animal activists do, of course—as humans we choose how we walk forth with what we connect with in this world.

And it’s not more right or wrong than how you walk forth.

What I called out in my post, was not vegans—no, what I called out was a group of people who are like that immigration guard who uses his badge and costume to go on power trips for the love he didn’t receive as a child—where it’s obvious that he’s in that job to have control and be in “power”.

I certainly have nothing against vegans—what I have something against is assholes and people who use their activism and passion to shame.

You want to create change?

Try telling me WHY you love being a vegan. Not why everyone else sucks. Not why you’re better and I’m a fraud because I like bacon.

I’ve paused my life and business for the last week to love and organize a rescue project for a 7 year old street dog who smells like a garbage can—I am an animal activist. It is what makes my heart beat.

To get people to listen start sharing what your activism gives YOU, tell people that.

Share the joy you get and the light.

You don’t conform people or convince them with anger or shame.

What it does effectively do is shut them down so that they can’t hear a damn thing you’re saying.

Be a vegan, don’t be an asshole. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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