There Are Hearts That Need To Be Open To Teach This World That It Is Safe To Love

Ali Kaukas

I fall in love with them all
and when I hear their feet walk away
in the morning light
I wish I could slow the feverish romantic curiosity of my spirit to a hum
but that’s not how my heart works
there are hearts that need to be guarded to learn to be open
and there are hearts that need to be open to teach this world that it is safe to love
when you are the open heart
sometimes you feel the feet walk away as if they are directly on your heart
but that’s our gift
us open ones
we are courageous enough to feel twangs of hurt
as the pink sun rises
and we lie alone in empty white sheets and wake up to beat and move through it
for we know if we stop believing in love
if the open hearts follow suit
and harden
love may very well cease to exist.

This is written for every women who has had to lie in bed the morning after a night filled with sweetness and listen to his feet walk away, and questioned the sincerity of it all. Never question your beautiful open heart—you are the courage. You are the way. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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