I Wish To Love Them All With Each Heartbeat’s Cry

Ali Kaukas

I did not watch him walk away
I could have
peered out the glass by the willow tree
in the pink morning light
instead I lie
wide eyed
wondering if each kiss
and each touch contained the sincerity I feel touch does
and wonder why if I’m a piece of gold
men can give me a kiss and say
I’ll see you in California
if I found a piece of gold I would wake up
and press my heart against it
I would lie in the fullness of that spirit and let the world pass by
let the roosters crow
the sun rise
I would stay
I would bring coffee
and stare into his eyes
with the same tenacity as the day before
I would long to spend it all
with a sacredness
for a long, long, time
but this one walks away
perhaps I kissed him to soon
perhaps I invited him in too quickly
perhaps I should have been more guarded
more firm
maybe that’s how we tell if they are sincere
but then I feel as if I am a lie
for I am open
and I wish to love them all with each heart beats cry. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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