I Know Many Big Cats Who Are Not Lions Who Speak Loudly And Have Nothing To Say

Jinna Yang

I had a call with an immigration lawyer last week who represented the ugly in patriarchy.

He was a complete condescending self righteous dick.

He tried to make me feel like an idiot–from the second he got on the call he blasted me with questions assuming I was naive and not well informed and only today walking did I realize the very well played out manipulation in an attempt to take my power, turn me into a damsel of distress, realize while I’m being bombarded that I need him (like hell I need you jackass) and then if it all worked, boom I would hire him–from a place of being disempowered, shocked and insecure.

Except he didn’t realize he was speaking to a woman of distinction and I know many big cats who are not lions who speak loudly and have nothing to say.

To all the lawyers who use power to disarm and land a client–we don’t need you anymore–we are leading like women and women don’t need to stab a man in the side to take his power.

We don’t need to take your power is some fools game, we have a power in our belly and in our eyes and we know you can never take our power away from us.

Keep swinging.

We see through you.

We are building an empire where the power that lies inside of us is so strong it cannot be shaken by men who are kings, or men who pretend that they are kings.

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