Having A Relationship Is Like Getting The Biggest Cauldron You Can Find

couple in bed
Toa Heftiba

Having a relationship is like getting the biggest cauldron you can find
and setting it up
getting all the things straight
and then going okay
what’s your shit?
and your partner going
this is some of my shit
and just heaving that all into the pot
father left
mother was a drug addict
dad wasn’t present
abandonment issues
insecurity with men leaving
and one of you emptys your soul
pink toes holding onto the edge of the black smokey pot
steam rising to the moon
while I churn and move it all
with a big wooden spoon
while our hurts
pour over into the cauldron under the moon
and then we sit down each night and drink a cup
and spit out whatever it is we don’t like
and argue and talk in circles about it till we are blue
and then wake up and this time
my toes grip the cauldron and my heart grips the sky
and I pour
and you stir. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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