I Will Be The Heroine, And You Will Be The Poem


The red lights flash
and the train wails into the night
it as if I can see us moving in reverse
you sitting up from a table at a cafe in Costa Rica
I can feel my body lying on the princess bed
legs splayed open
writing poems of passion about a man I know nothing about
then when I held you here
seeing you before the hug from the corner of my eye
feeling waves of energy through my heart
my head
my body
waves and waves
our first kiss on the doorstep
you sitting in a frazzled shirt in your rental car
holding two coffees and breakfast
it isn’t that I had to get away from you
I had to take some space from you
it’s just too amazing
I had to process it
you’re so beautiful
he says
me in a green shirt
buttons open
and this was it
this was the big love story of my heart
I waited for 7 months
for you to arrive seconds before the sunsets
dashing and charming and rushing
blue jacket hanging over my shoulders
I am wet from salt and the ocean
I am sitting alone as the traffic lights flash red
and you haven’t been here
even since that first day
running across the sand
I choose me
and I will be the heroine
as I always am
and you will be a poem. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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