A Good Artist Doesn’t Have Ears, Only Eyes And A Throat To Speak

Ali Kaukas

You have social obligation
you have to watch your mouth
I spit my coffee out
I’m sorry–you thought my art was about you?
you thought I am sitting in a room pouring all that I am onto paper for you?
I let out a mad laugh
and you’re here to try and put me back in the box that I write to leave?
you’re here to tell the artist who is trying to not conform with her voice
to conform?
another laugh
what other brilliant advice do you have for me?
that I’m on a pedestal?
that because I’m a celebrity
that I have to set a good example
for them nice young girls?
I hope them nice young girls read my art and feel the fire in their belly begin to burn that they will need to live
and I hope the people who pull at the non-conformists to conform
because they’re uncomfortable seeing someone do it another way–find belonging not through a heard of sheep
but through their dharma–
rot in the hell of their comfortability

A good artist doesn’t have ears
only eyes
and a throat to speak. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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